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I been to shanghai, it was alright. Supression of speach, I remember I saw a dude get beaten by cops when I was getting data for my sim card. It was kinda messed up, the great fire-wall is having a grip on hongkong. Carrie lam is acting like Xi but minus 5. I'd rather go to Taiwan. 

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@Gooogle It's not sus, it's a official, but just wanting you to use there ref code.

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Too much haram in this, emojis are haram btw.

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Browse the exploits page some more, maybe find a paid one (I reccomend Synapse and Script-Ware at the moment)

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@Gooogle I mean games and servers, not exploiting related.

Created a new thread: Advertising Area

Would be better for non-roblox non-payment stuff. 

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I'm also getting a YT exposing all the 'messages' I said :D I'm glad to work in that group.

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Seems cool, just that seems cool.

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dixie boy

Replied to thread: unpatched executors

Im pretty sure Zeus X is unpatched.


Cough cough, I'm pretty sure the owner skidded a paid one cough cough

Created a new thread: Selling a proper game, cars, map everything.

Hey! I used to work on this game, for a couple months. They never paid me anything for the work I did.


Make a script hub for this game, its quite fun since majority of them will stay in the server and beg for admin. (Brookhaven players)

You can also get more than 50 high quality cars from the game.

Plus the map, you can pay each-by-each (Cars for 1k since they buy it for 500 Robux)
You also get paid 3D Models included with it so, enjoy.


DM for some offers on discord, I'm allowing Robux or Nitro. (I dont have paypal) 

I'm willing to give screenshots as evidence of this.


Discord: Nev#2259

Replied to thread: Is roblox exploiting illegal?

They can sue synapse for using the Roblox name and stuff but, i dont know if they want to put legal stuff into it. Exploiting is still more fringe.

Replied to thread: [COMING SOON] SuperCool API | Powerfull | Improving every update | By The SuperCool Team

@ImmuneLion318 Its skidded with skidding characteristics (Copying any free and open source apis)






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Country music

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@Aja Alright cool, I may use bootcamp or wine in the future.