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cattori owner/developer. i use lua and javascript, tools are vscode, rblx studio and node.js



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Replied to thread: Developers Community (Old We Hate Discord)

yes this is poggers kiwi go brrr

Replied to thread: how to updet oxen.

"hyper shady"
bro its a source what the hell do you mean :skull:

Replied to thread: Coco Is Back!

yay its still not the same without bobey tho :c

Created a new thread: discord did a bit of trolling (account disabled)

ok so my main account (falseopx#2012) was disabled by discord after an entire year of service and my new account is now falseopx#1337

and cattoware was discontinued and now i made a new script so you should join that if you liked cattoware (cattori, pika hub, etc)

Replied to thread: Some Hot WPF UIs For Sale (Cheap)

i honestly wouldn't buy any of these for any price.

Replied to thread: Should I Also Do Game Development?

i dont think your competent enough to make something such as a shooter game.

Replied to thread: [REQ] Time Stop script

while true do end

this stops time but you cant unstop it

Replied to thread: Project Reptile ~ Free ServerSide ~ Good games, good community, well built UI ~

ah yes,
virus total a thing that is built inside roblox, this is 300 iq moments


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> nil

> nil

Replied to thread: Kyxo Software Support Moment:

"the dll is python"

Replied to thread: DLL Injector on Robox



it wasn't a failsafe to "stop" skidders, why would they skid a dll injector of all things. and the most likely reason for this is because the host server for this file or the owners account was probably deleted, many possibilities

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Nebula V1 | Owl Hub | Dark Hub | Anemo API

before google kills you pleamse add anyrun/hypertotal whatever its called :cri:

Replied to thread: Any UI Layouts?

i honestly don't see anything unique with desire reborn or kevin x, both look unoriginal to me. so i don't see why he gets to throw that around.

and even then, i dont care about how original a ui looks as long as its not completely ripping off a design or skidding something else

Replied to thread: What is the technical reason that the exploits did not work on windows7

roblox exploit dll's use c++ functions natively exclusive to windows 10 that windows 7 doesn't have. therefore those exploits don't work on windows 7 because they dont have the functions needed.