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Replied to thread: What exploit should I buy?

Just get synapse x or scriptware if you want a paid 

Replied to thread: I officially deny all allegations that I am "Bobby the Cat"

You are Bobby the Cat if you have any more proof or have an alibi on stand by then please come forward BUT if that is not the case then you are found by the court Guilty.

Replied to thread: I gave a question (Check message)

@Zander7473 LMFAO 

Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] WeAreDevs At Work Episode 3.0 ( Wendy Wendy go away! )

10/10 I loved it 
Also hope you get better 

Replied to thread: Ok bro this has gone way to far

Your advertising like "h3lla" crazy and you being disrepectfull to mods so idk what you complaining about

Replied to thread: Introduction??

Welcome To Wearedevs a community we expose skids and make fun of Immune 

Replied to thread: Account Gen with specific users

@Alexthereek Possible but you would need to do a lot of work in making it

Replied to thread: (Free) Styling Help

@SirWeeb NAHHHHHHHH https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/811762691261202432.gif?size=96&quality=lossless

Replied to thread: Release | SwagCrypt Obfuscator (Decent)

@ImmuneLion318 Why you tryna make a old man cry fr tho :cri:

Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone. Thank you for everything :(

Goodbye I mena what you have done was a bit you know but I belive you have changed with your previous mistakes and if not still I hope you have a happy and good life. Good bye

Replied to thread: (Free) Styling Help

zamn I mean I finna gonna abuse this a lot :trol: thank you 

Replied to thread: Azure - Simplistic Exploit, More to come

vouch vouch vouch
ui = clean

my mom = clean

haxim = clean 


Replied to thread: D4rK V2 [Pre Release]

Vouch cause i am being held hostage

Replied to thread: Moving away from this

I mean I truly repect your opionon and probably one of the smartest devs to take a good approach without unfriending and discotinuing cyrup. But I do truly hope everything goes the way you wish. At least you are staying in Discord. 
Have A Great Year And Years After That

Replied to thread: my aimbot and esp is being pasted and sold

Guys I am selling a DH Slient Aim with ESP dm me for a whitelist

But all jokes aside we should have a court room where we sentence the skidders to like life in prision or something