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seggsy release 

Replied to thread: Wendy/Wendeeznuts | Skidding and sharing.

I wouldnt be surprised he try selling Dark Dex the guy is dumb 

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@deadlocust Sorry Senpai

Replied to thread: Congrats to our new moderators 🎉


Replied to thread: Selling Da Hood Cash (PayPal only!)

tbh I can just use auto grider and sell dahood cash for free 

 and Might as well do it :kek:

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You have to buy a licenses to use it I think. 


Why is Oxygen U behind JJSploit. :Cri:

Replied to thread: Discord may be doing another ban wave.

Our best bet is just keeping it lowkey as we are break the ToS. But in the other had the ToS is messed up. So like its a 50-50 on my side. But disabling accounts is a bit to far imo. Deleting the server is all the moderation they need to do .

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Baba Yaga Ball Itches

Replied to thread: Uhh how can i get my exploit to WRD

Well uhh

You need to email Jon about the exploit and it needs a lot of users to be on the page. In easy words its bascially really really hard to get a exploit on WRD only really famous and good exploits like Oxygen U and Fluxus and etc get on here cause they have a large user base and are truested by most exploit devlopers. I am just geussing there will probably someone else that will further and better explain how to get your exploit on WRD front page.

Created a new thread: [help] Monaco editor for Wpf?

So I wanna try using Monaco editor instead of Avalon cause it looks nice in my opionon but I have no clue how to use it in wpf. And I have never used it in winfrom. So I have no clue on how to use it at all. I would like some pointers on how to use it on wpf :kek:. 

Love and Thanks 

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My brother what you smoking????

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Wow ngl you turned me one :eyes:

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@ImmuneLion318 LMao nice one. 

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Thank You For A Seceond I was Going Crazy :kek: