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Don't attempt to contact me.


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Having an anime pfp = instant loss in an argument.

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Cool, I have some doubts about originality but nice

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ok ThatDriver08


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I released this a while ago :cry:

This is from synapse x, I used it to change the WPF title to be like synapse

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I can do it for you with photoshop as they have something for that exact thing, send image i do it

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want to make a browser w/ me? (not chromium based)

I've got nothing to do and it seems like a sound solution.

Contact me at Lord Cattus#9469 for more information.

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very nice, is it supported on TAILS OS?

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kneechong is a good epxlot

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just make original content, don't copy a UI template and make an original DLL, thanks.

I made the mistake of skidding a while ago, make sure to not skid anything, learn from others' mistakes.

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Oreo S



Just some nice exploit names

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masm is really good, but you have to also manually link the obj files and all that, which he may not be used to.

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Assembly is quite useful 100%

But most skids on this forum won't even be learning it, they just ctrl + a, ctrl + c then ctrl + v.

You can actually use assembly for a lot of things, such as walking the stack easier (ebx makes my life easier), or manually getting a return value from eax, or just making tons of junk code that does nothing!

Also you'll be able to use cheat engine and IDA much easier but that's not that big of a deal since they don't even know how to adjust the stack pointer or why a stack pointer issue even happens.

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bruh roblox updated?