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Replied to thread: Help my with readfile function pls


You can use to create as many config files as you want in a single script.


You can also give as many values as you want in a single table.


If you want to do two tables, Save it as two different configs then load whichever one you need.


Read the documentation I gave and DM me if you need any help related to it: Ad#1085.

Replied to thread: [REQ] One time purchase script security

You can use roblox's "Client ID". This is obviously better than using IP.

Replied to thread: Might be selling synapse X and script-ware account

Cool, Ig.


Also why is this thread in the disputes section?

Replied to thread: Help my with readfile function pls

In situtations like this, JSON Config Lib (LUA) comes in handy.


Replied to thread: [WARNING?] the 11 yr old is planning a "mass attack" like hes a flipping terrorist :skull:

I'm starting to think if he actually went insane. This is ridiculous and funny at the same time because of your immaturity.

Created a new thread: [HELP] I need help, My computer's affected by a malware/miner.

Note: This is not a fake scenario/story. This is what actually happened to me rn. 

Part 1: The beginning

Hi, So it all started when I noticed weird changes in my computer. My computer started running slower (I just thought it was because of it getting old). I saw a weird process running in the backround in task manager when I went to check what was taking so much of CPU usage. I located the .exe and uploaded it to virustotal and Intezer Analyzer. Ofcourse, It was a malware. It also contained a Cryptominer. That's what made my computer way slower that what it first was. It's been like a week since that discovery happened. I might as well add that this could have been running for a long time. I installed Malware Bytes & Removed it. Hats off the windows defender for finding this out though. It gave me this description for that malware: "Grants remote access to hacker".


Part 2: The aftermath

After a few days I started to notice that my taskbar would partially load (not completely like it's supposed to). It was well responsive. The show desktop button was the only thing that did not work. The malware/miner had corrupted my windows. It deleted windows update service. I managed to use a registry containing win update service to restore that. But windows update service still won't work. Microsoft store is downloading apps forever. The progress bar is stuck on 0%. It says "Something is wrong, Try again later". The taskbar works after a few minutes when booted in (It loads).


Partially loaded taskbar:


Completely loaded taskbar:


I did a SFC scan (System integrity scan) and it did not detect any corruptions:


Now, let's get to the conclusion.

When I click on the start, My cursor moves a certain distance then stops.


My S^X Account was recently blacklisted for "whitelist" sharing when it's clearly my PERSONAL account. I do not share it with anymore nor do I use it on another PC. Maybe the person who logged me (not 100% sure if I got logged as neither of my accounts get logged into/it's password changed except for this one, I got blacklisted) logged into my synapse account on their PC? Is someone accessing my PC remotely? I don't know. 


I need suggestions on what to do now or If anyone can help me on what to do please reply here.


Thanks for reading until here, I appreciate you trying to help.


Also sorry for being dead in the community, I've had alot to do irl.

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is this a joke


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It's hard to see so many people leave, but I don't blame anyone.


Also this deal is poggers.

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@Bonlez No problem : )

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@Aja *Private use for Syn^X Buyers only. Not quite everyone.

Replied to thread: How Do I Use Synapse X DLL/API

You'll find this VERY useful as it's the guide to use SxLib, Pretty sure it's unofficial.



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I have a nut allergy 🛒

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Bro, that game is 12 years old.


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Did you make any of these scripts?

EDIT: Oh nevermind, You're a youtuber.


Instead of linking dee- :troll:

But fr, Instead of linking these scripts, You can just link your YT Channel's video with it aswell I guess.


Nice tho.

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Nice,  Add me if you want (Script-Ware) :