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nice joke ok

Replied to thread: Goodbye for now.



I'm gonna miss you both so bad.



Don't forget that you're always welcomed back into the community whenever you decide to join back.



Good luck in life!

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@Aja From what I've read in your + reps, Someone mentioned that you get addresses for some game, This makes sense.


I don't know what to say.


Just take me advice, and don't repeat this mistake that caused misunderstanding.

Replied to thread: [Apology] Apology for the recent actions made.

Everyone deserves a second chance, So do you.


Just don't skid again, I hope you learn something this time.


Learning takes time, It doesn't mean don't.


I'm pretty sure everyone will appreciate even the smallest contribution that you do without skidding and that is actually helpful.

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skie back with the hot slander memes


sadly this da end


cant wait for wrds at work release yay

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@Nexterns Gen is not worth the script-ware account. There are many beam gen's around that I know of for free.


I do not recommened using any beamer/beaming anyone.

Replied to thread: Warning when writing a roblox script

Another thing you could do is, Just TP the person to each point where you get rewarded and then the end (Making CFrame TP is easy)

This is a auto-farm method ^ .


As I said earlier, You can try exploiting the remotes.

For example, You can log the remote that fires when you cross each point and fire it (I'm not familiar with the game, Correct me if I'm wrong).

Replied to thread: Warning when writing a roblox script

I'm pretty sure that your script is client-sided.


Try exploiting remotes.

Replied to thread: [CW] Zenexya Skidding (zenexya softworks)

Is it just me that finds this CW funny for the fact he pasted code and flexed about it on whd (Stepping stones of getting a great CW made on) ?

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cool and i said that

Replied to thread: rate ui /charrs

I'm excited for it to release.

Great UI considering its WinForms.


@luxiferrwoo 0x90 fanboy be liek

Replied to thread: [Release] LuaF*ck - terrible esoteric lua

@MINISHXP This would atleast keep the skids away.

Replied to thread: Adonis Antiexploit Bypass

@EzekielAspect I think this is client-sided. Not sure.

Replied to thread: Random IP logger script I found on youtube that has users

Big thanks to Unnamed#3365

and haxcollector and illusion for helping me spread awareness about this in the server.