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Created a new thread: [rate] my first website

so i have been learning css html in 2 days and here what ive got


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@rentaer2 r u good rn lol? if synapse script only then it is only for synapse. and no theres no api that can set brand and support synapse script because u set the brand to synapse

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no nope you cant do that.

Replied to thread: Why Does This Happen in VS 2022?

yea reload ur pakage. anyways dont use vs 2022 its hell

i was just compile consoleapp and this happens lol


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dont paste others people code 👌

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process id

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above reply

Replied to thread: Oxygen U V2 | Premium Exploit | Free | GETCONNECTIONS | FIRETOUCHINTEREST | DRAWING LIB

vouch, ive been using oxy back then and its really good i love how stable it is, its fast

bit dissappointed with the new ui, it looks clean but the text editor is not shown, idk its prob just me



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i love that old style icon <3

6/10 for the ui doe it doenst really fit into the ui :/

Replied to thread: Good IDE for developing exploit scripts?

i think theres no IDE for lua but idk

vscode + third party extensions is prob the best for lua :/

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if you want to be pro hacker use cyrup

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0x83 hmm never seen him again after his discord banned back then...

i learn a lot from him, he is good guy from my experience


anyways that is 2/10

because tutorial

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nice child or i should say tru- jk, now i can just cry watch u can code better than me ;(

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the answer are in my reply list or learn c# and u will know how ;)