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@Whoman Not funny bro, atleast you look dumb

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Nice one, but need improvement tho

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Uh so if you use avalonedit it has built in load function which u can use.

Sorry if im wrong, i havent touch wpf/c# in ages lol + i write this without ide

Also make sure you using the win32 one

var FileDialog = new OpenFileDialog()
    Title = "Open File",
    Filter = "*Txt (*txt)|*.txt|Lua (*lua)|*.lua"

if (FileDialog.ShowDialog().GetValueOrDefault())

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Honestly the ui is nice ngl bro. But that nexus42 thing

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@SeizureSalad joke??? try it before saying that.

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You said wrd rep was nothing, why youre trying to come back here boy?

But alright yea go with it dont make mess again lol

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Hotttttt nice work 

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Hell, got my mental healt down 不

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Yes i prefer v2 one 不

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Looks Like Hexus UI Ngl

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Oh yea that old "classic" design huhhhh?? 

Nice but not good enough 云

Created a new thread: Is there a reason jjsploit is not build in .net?

Really man i got annoyed by its file size and the memory consumption


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Same thing here. thinking how to fix this thing.

We never knew each other, so I have nothing to say except. Goodbye