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Replied to thread: rate the ui for atonix v1.5

i dislike the tab buttons and hate it when people just type X into the box and call it a day lol but like 4/10 ig

Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More


Replied to thread: [CW] IcePools - Pedophilia, Blackmails, Poor Security & More

smh took long enough


Replied to thread: TuxHurt [Help us make all Exploits support GNU/Linux!] [Free Key!]

why make sirhurt work on linux when there's plenty of other good exploits lol

Replied to thread: SirHurt | Cheap ROBUX A/T & Script Executor | Lifetime 10$ | Service since 2015


Replied to thread: Better Obfuscator

@Nexula smh i ain't toxic what are you talkin abt

Replied to thread: Neat feature more exploits should have

bruh a bunch of exploits haver this

Replied to thread: Better Obfuscator

tf you obfuscatin anyway no one wants your sh*tsploit code anyways

Replied to thread: Rate my new UI

bad font smh

Replied to thread: Abyss (Releasing soon)

i'll save you some time so you guys don't need to release this smh hmu on discord and i'll give you my cc number and ip address

Replied to thread: tottaly not skkidded ui 11!!!111! rate !!1!

bad/10 i would rather wipe my ass with sandpaper than use this

Replied to thread: filter the goddamn usernames

@Aja my guy on the first page of users alone there's someone with the n word in their name and there was an acc created recently just called sh*t

Replied to thread: Suggest New Exploit Names

doodoo x



Replied to thread: [BWRD Plugin] Block Users on WeAreDevs

i suggest you make it so you can unblock individual users insttead of everyone and show an unblock button over the blurred reply.