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seizure salad#3820 femboys are hot | C# and a bunch of other languages developer also I hate skids smh


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@aeon how are you gonna add more users to a pastebin

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Moon Sign Up Form thing

@aeon your siggy


also nickk is lying smh use plaintext it's more efficient and uses less storage and who is gonna bother breaching the db :ro:

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wooooo baby most reply pages on a thread world record let's go

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did you spell ease like that on purpose or what

Replied to thread: Krnl Outdated, and JJsploit can't find module

because roblox updated you numbnut

Replied to thread: i need some executors that aren't viruses *not saying wrd is virus*

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fdgbhrtfghnm hfgkuy  olpliplpolpollyiuhng bgg bbv b vbb

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@merasmus44 that's jjsploit being dumb not the actula script

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rexi maybe you should like go to reddit for relationship advice or like quora instead of a forum with teens who stay indoors all day and have never contacted a woman before

Replied to thread: Lightweight XAML/WPF Designer (Not Made by Me)

uh sure i guess this is ok maybe


also icsharp code has made so much stuff smh you don't even know


  • avalonedit was made for an entire c# IDE  not just as a text editor
  • they made ilspy decompiler (same thing dnspy uses)
  • probably 76 morbillion more things probably

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could definitley be improved but not bad for a start i'd say like 6/10

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@kiwidevelopment goldencheat vouch == terrible dogsh*t

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You stupid idiot moron can't spell unique correctly bozo