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Replied to thread: [New] Gizmo- Free Roblox exploit

that ui is very nice, i love it. gamehub looks great and the fact your getting a custom dll soon sounds amazing


good exploit :D

Replied to thread: [Release] Vanilla - Lite - Minimal - Efficient

like u said: minimal and lightweight. i like the ui because it follows what you said and great thread design :D


i like it

Replied to thread: [REL] SkyHub - V1.0

i dont like the ui or the buttons. it just looks plain and there is nothing really much to it


Replied to thread: Troller X Exploit

no virus scanning / analysing sites or anything... really sus

Replied to thread: TropixSploit Exploit for roblox

no anyrun / hybrid analysis / vt... plus no screenshots, videos or anything of it.


that site url sounds sketchy AF

Replied to thread: pc not working

try boot into recovery mode by holding shift and try reset your pc; or you will have to take it to someone to fully wipe your drive.

Replied to thread: [Release] - Roblox | Free Executer

i hate the layout of the ui and its got nothing much to it apart from some cool features like button anims...

honestly i would remake the whole ui in wpf so it is alot more nicer to look at

Replied to thread: New Exploit

can i see the ui please

Replied to thread: Asteroid Z, an up coming ROBLOX scripting utility

@Aja naughty words

Replied to thread: Uhh how can i get my exploit to WRD

@e0gg bruh stfu, ur embarrassing urself bc u dont know when to stop using massive fonts and getting pressed at people telling u to stop. it takes the whole replies page up and im positive that almost everyone wants u stop using fonts that are bigger than u irl

Replied to thread: Asteroid Z, an up coming ROBLOX scripting utility

i ate spicy chicken nuggets oh and btw it sounds good, make a discord server and stuff and a hub and all the important stuff

Replied to thread: What to tell parents if I want to buy Synapse X? (dumbest question LOL)

say that it will help you start coding lua

Replied to thread: [THROWBACK RELEASE] Snyder LE

@swiney2 reminds me of speedster

Replied to thread: What's the Best Exploit in ROBLOX (Best Paid xploits and Best Free xploits)

paid: synapse x / scriptware

free: krnl / fluxus

Replied to thread: [Release]⭐ RPC Exploit ⭐ Power to Executors

bruh that ui... why does it have to have a loading screen and a "shop"