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@DarkDiego_noob Jesus Crist stop alting you ape

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I'm gonna join, why not

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This actually made me laugh lmao

I better see my name next Episode

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counter-question, why shouldn't they work on windows 11

Created a new thread: [src] roblox username scraper/tester

Roblox Username Checker / Scraper. Idea from this Thread.
Bad & Buggy Code but at least doesn't crash on 503 or shows blacklisted Usernames + this checks 1000 usernames a minute with low mem/cpu usage. First time releasing something on wrd lol


Edit: If u want to check for 4l usernames. Don't lol

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walmart coco z3

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@0x777_ Get his paw out of his what? :flooshed:

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@Memelous Jesus Crist you replied 3 times saying that he should credit WebDevSimplified. 

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works but it only shows inappropriate names lol

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here before gooogle archives the thread

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not hard lmao got the password