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i suck at coding



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Replied to thread: [CW] Texas | Homophobe and Transphobic, Using words which should be against filter and revenge rep

@DeepPain It was just an question? "Oh you're German" what is this supposed to mean?

Replied to thread: Is roblox exploiting illegal?

Why would it be illegal? It's an Lego Game

Replied to thread: Leaving WRD because everyone is calling me a SKID

@PomoSoftwares I didn't read the Reply properly lol my bad

Replied to thread: [Poll] Wich exploit would u buy if every paid exploit would be free

It's which, not wich.

I wouldn't buy an exploit if they would be free

Created a new thread: Acu is skidded

Today's CW is about the Exploit called Acu V2. You might wonder how i got the source of an obfuscated exploit? Well he sent the unobufscated Updater to me himself lol. I found an string called FadeOut in DiE and got suspicious


Asked for an unobfuscated version and found this here which looks like Hexo which is big bad. That's what the File Tree looks like

and this got me even more suspicious. 


Acu V2:



Pretty similar right? Here are some screenshots of the convo we had and him declining that he skidded Hexo



Replied to thread: Hello How You Doin?

@SpaceSpiffer doing an dispute thread rn

Replied to thread: Hello How You Doin?

I feel pretty good, caught an Hexo Skid. What about you?

Replied to thread: Desire X // Teri | Token Logging confirmed

@Lxnnyy Detect it Easy exists. You can filter strings with it and for example search for "discord" 

Replied to thread: [REL] Acu V2 - Multi API Roblox Exploit (15 API's[ Support Darkhub, Owlhub, & Many More )

I don't understand why people obfuscate exploits that are probably pasted.

Even the damn updater is obfuscated. What's the point nobody is gonna steal your code.


Edit: Found some string called "FadeOut" in your Auto Updater, isn't that the same as inside the Hexo Source?


Are you sure about that bud?


Any.Run for Acu Updater.exe :

Any.Run for Acu.exe:

Replied to thread: Needing help to remove a miner

@Ravyar Give me one VALID source of someone saying JJsploit is an miner with proof. You are just Paranoid because everyone says it is.

Replied to thread: [CW] Desire X is a token logger

@falseopx That made me cringe so hard lmao

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Only 48h Key? I'll take it

Replied to thread: Desire X // Teri | Token Logging confirmed

TERI why would you :bruh:

Nice CW




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