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Replied to thread: Best undetected Phantom Forces script?


You can find it on their website; blindside.website; alongside a list of features and the Terms of Service (of using pfpwner)

Replied to thread: Best undetected Phantom Forces script?

@Moon Pfpwner, its paid but its good.

Replied to thread: Needing help to remove a miner

@Ravyar It's proven not... how about you prove thats the miner? JJSploit has never been proved a miner,  its usually just angry children. 


If you do believe it's a miner, delete it and do a full virus scan, if its still slow, surprise surprise, its not JJ.

Replied to thread: [CW] Is TERI actually token logging?

Auto-join isn't even worth putting in an exploit tbf, they're better off just making it open the invite link since something went on with discord and banning auto-joiners, idk much about it.

Created a new thread: Toggles for a pl script

I recently started using a script I released

game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Home.fadeFrame.Visible = false
local Remote = game.Workspace.Remote['ItemHandler']
function onSpawn(char) char:WaitForChild("Humanoid", 2)
    game.Workspace.Remote.ItemHandler:InvokeServer(workspace.Prison_ITEMS.giver["Remington 870"].ITEMPICKUP)
Remote:InvokeServer(game.Workspace.Prison_ITEMS.single:WaitForChild("Key card").ITEMPICKUP)


I wanted to know how I could make it toggleable like the scripts with;
_G.smth = true;
getgenv().smth = true;

Replied to thread: [UPDATE] Confusious

Instead of showing every update, you should make a thread everytime you do a sort of, "huge" update. Unsure if this would be "accepted" but yeah

Replied to thread: [REQ] Any cheat name ideas?

Solarus? Idk any decent names, also can you like address my reply on your other "release" of a cheat (CCP)

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Phantom Forces Undetected Aimbot Script.

this looks like that other one released, unless youre like, the dude that made it or somehting

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Phantom Forces Ban Yourself Script.

@lo4 Phantom Forces Banlands, it's basically PF's HVH server 

Replied to thread: [REL] CCPrivate - A source for working cheats


Yeah, that's what annoyed me. They shouldn't be making money from something that's entirely open-sourced, that was my main motive when making the reply...

Replied to thread: [REL] CCPrivate - A source for working cheats


Personally wouldn't class it as an "expose", all of the information I said was public to all, and on a site I reckon some people here have heard of (cheater.run)... that's where I first saw GOESP and it just clicked when I saw the UI...

To the other 2 that called it a "cancel", just no... They can continue creating their cheat as long as they add something unique that isn't pasted from Osiris/GoESP's github pages as they can be accessed by anyone...

To the developer, don't act as if you've been working long on it, because in my eyes, you haven't... the only things I see are a few changes in the source code to change some texts shown, maybe there's an addition to ESP I'm not noticing, but all the features and tabs I see are from osiris/goesp :shrug:

Replied to thread: [REL] CCPrivate - A source for working cheats

Wouldn't actually trust this for several reasons; the first being, this isnt their cheat, it's from a cheat that's a smaller "sub" version of a CS:GO cheat known as "Osiris", created by "daniel" (not the Daniel we know). I'm pretty sure GoESP (the cheat showed in the screenshots) is opensource as most of daniel's cheats on csgo are opensourced.

GOESP Source
The UI of this "CCPrivate" looks identical, and I don't see any "unique" changes to things like the UI and/or ESP.

Addition to this; If I've thought of this correctly, this person will later upload Osiris as they claimed they were going to add aimbot & a skinchanger to the cheat, in which Osiris has both. I wouldn't even donate to this project either...

Replied to thread: My exploit and what exploit api to use?

If you wan't to sell it for a reasonable price, you have to atleast have an API that's better than free ones and have better "security" than them...

Replied to thread: Mighty Omega Gui (work on every executors (OP))

Move this to the scripts section, it suits that section better.

Replied to thread: jjsploit won't run

Exploit detections tend to be false-positives, if you wish to learn about false positives, I believe there's a thread somewhere on the forums but for the mean time, if you don't trust it you can simply not use it, the choice is yours.