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Created a new thread: Exploiting is dead.

Hello WRD Community. So basically exploiting is dead. Synapse X, Script-Ware, Sentinel (I'm so sad for Sentinel because they could'nt release the V3) and other exploit can be discontinued due the next major Roblox update. Well, i've met very good people since 2017. Every good thing has an end. Also, Should we convert WeAreDevs to a Minecraft Hacked Client website and forum? Because Roblox Exploiting is dead and nothing we can do. Maybe Script-Ware and Synapse X can get few more update but they might get discontinued after that like the other exploits. Love y'all bye.

Replied to thread: Visual Studio's new 2022 update (pog)

@Zander7473 yeah but i dont use blend for UI developing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Created a new thread: Visual Studio's new 2022 update (pog)

Hello WRD Community. Microsoft officially released the biggest update (i think) Visual Studio 2022 Preview. And it's awesome! The things can make coding easy for developers more after this update;


  • Hot reload for C++ and .NET (C# basically) apps
  • Live Preview for XAML applications
  • Build and Debug C++ projects on WSL 2
  • C++20 Support
  • Build interactive Web User Interfaces with Blazor (tf is that)
  • Web Live Preview for ASP.NET web pages



In my opinion, Visual Studio got the best update on this year. As I said that will help to developers so much about coding. Love y'all bye.


Here are the videos you can understand what is changed, added.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Preview - YouTube

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 - Overview - YouTube

Replied to thread: [CW] Akii (0x40) is a skidder and also a scammer

@0x40 you are already known as a skidder in the community so shut up

Replied to thread: [CW] Akii (0x40) is a skidder and also a scammer

@tervyllatech Actually i joined his exploit see what he gonna do, want from me and also he never developed anything about dll

Created a new thread: [CW] Akii (0x40) is a skidder and also a scammer

Hello WRD community. Maybe you guys saw me on his Sardonyx posts as UI developer. And yes, I was his UI developer. But, I did'nt made him a new UI. I used Eryth's UI and changed the logo. After a week, (or idk days) Entity wanted to learn he is using Calamari Transpiler or not. And yes he is using Calamari Transpiler and we got some proofs. But thats not only. He tried to steal my entire Eryth Source. Here is the proofs:

First proof of he using Calamari
whGPF2U.png (1242×2208) (imgur.com)

Second proof of he using Calamari

Cvz6WjE.png (1242×2208) (imgur.com)


(Edit) Third proof of he using Imperius Transpiler

FjnkggY.jpg (410×729) (imgur.com)

And here is the proof he tryna steal my UI source
qb6E3au.png (829×1028) (imgur.com)

jzX0JIJ.png (798×409) (imgur.com)

qITkWzm.png (712×883) (imgur.com)



And yeah this is it love yall bye. 

BTW Entity is innocent + tryna improve himself? nvm luv u entity


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Replied to thread: Searching for a C++ developer

@Haxim ohhhhh sorry about that

Replied to thread: Searching for a C++ developer

@Haxim stop spamming me csgo trade thing

Created a new thread: Searching for a C++ developer

Hello WRD community. Maybe I known bad or good idk and idfc about it. I'm tired of the devs who work for me gets exposed for skidding and I need a honest, respectful and non-skidder dev. So maybe VIVA devs know me with Eryth and I want to revive it because I get depressed when i dont write code. I'm going to sell it for 3-4 dollar and multiple devs will gonna get accepted. And yeah if you interested DM me. My Discord: efewss#3739

Also stop bullying people. Its very bad. Don't ruin my dreams. Love y'all bye.

Replied to thread: free exploit thread designs

bro the ui is legit skid off viva

Replied to thread: [$10] Sardonyx | Lua (U) Transpiler | Identity: 8

Okay let me make a quick annoucement. The UI i made is still in development and also this ui is not made by me.

Replied to thread: Addys/Addresses For version-c18d612468db4cb9

i saw a post by you are you gonna release an decompiler for bytecode?

Replied to thread: synapse x is a wrapper

First of all you dumb. Synapse X uses wrapper this is true, but that not means its not powerfull. Synapse X uses a very reputable and widely used method of execution named "Proto Conversion" this method was founded by Brandon (chirality) in mid-ish 2015.

Here are proof of wrapper:

OBOcOWw.png (435×389) (imgur.com)

Stop saying its using wrapper. Wrapper isnt bad in general. If it was be bad why synapse still on top? Think about it. Ride wife life good.

Replied to thread: Addys/Addresses For version-1c2526eca5204ff8

best is mellon