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develoing an exploit called Eryth and messing with CefSharp errors

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@SirWeeb oh i apologize i thought they were tryna fix the vulnerable bug 

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prob the guy found a way to rat ppl via scripts

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you can get sentinels xshd file and edit it for yourself

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Finally some good design after 10 year old skiddos posts fard winform uis

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Dude please stop postings threads like these. Do a damn research for god's sake.

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@Whoman use cefsharp its great source for running html editors.

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@EvoSploitOwner for skid his ui lmfao

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i can do better uis with my fart

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this dude got mental issues. he asked me for help about load text on listbox i tried to help him but when i asked for live share request he immediately blocked me for no reason. ii waited him to get out school, get bath, barbercut. also he can't figure out a simple error so good luck buddy

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a working and stable drawlib, some functions idk and a stable execution ig

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That is the brilliantest thread I personally seen from a rookie. But sadly, you can't do a syntax checker on FastColoredTextBox or AvalonEdit or any other text editor. It is possible but you need to know C# very well. I am a mastered C# developer but even I can't write something like that because it requires a lot of time. But in the other hand you can use Monaco text editor based on HTML, CSS and JS. Or Ace Editor same as Monaco but better quality and optimization. AvalonEdit got an syntax setup but it doesn't have a error detector same as the Monaco and Ace Editor. So in short, I recommend you to use Monaco or Ace Editor or any HTML based pre-made text editor supports syntax. Also a advice, don't use FastColoredTextBox Best regards, efewss. If you need any help contact with me via Discord. efewss#3739