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yes me is cool


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so yeah they should add it for threads and comments, just like bookface

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add me V3Peron is my name haha no tag for u


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seen better uis, but that's actually 5/10.

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kinda looks like from a tutorial, but still could be better. try making uis in wpf.

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@Gooogle yo can u ban or do something with this pfp? look at it bruh it's nsfw

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veri cool to know bud B)

Created a new thread: [REL] Funny cursor set.

Just saying, this wasn't made by me. So I actually found a funny cursor set which sadly doesn't have all icons, but always something cool. You can find the installation link in the links section, but not this right now.


1. How to change my cursor?

If you don't know how to change your cursor, follow this guide. (WINDOWS 10 TUTORIAL ONLY)



2. Can my machine be harmed during this process?

It's impossible to harm your machine doing this. You can't do anything wrong that could break your PC. It's 100% safe, believe me. c:


3. Download section

Official Website: rw-designer.com/cursor-set/advance-wars

Mediafire: mediafire.com/file/u7df36s7mpnr2fo/advance-wars.zip/file


That's all for today. See ya!

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veri cool man, now give me da source. B)

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pls give 5$ or 10$ to balance user Veroid B)

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please move to normal sellers

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yeah bro that's old as ur mum (yo chill take it as a joke lol) but anyways that's not even important?

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So some people may wonder what happened with me, why am i not active etc. It's because my PC got virused, and my dad doesn't want to go to my uncle to get it back home. But still I'm probably upgrading to such a new PC. So yeah, it's the problem. I'm currently using my parents PC but not for really long, im not even using it very much, since im maximally using it 3/4 hours a day.


so yeah if you have any questions ask me and ill reply in 5 years.


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@boykeee then dm me, Matr0x#6136 and we'll talk there. if im not gonna answer today then probably tommorow.