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Created a new thread: Add an CS:GO Section

probably made a thread about this before but would be cool

Replied to thread: addy dumper pls

Rewrite your functions first, that's all I know. Most of the dumpers aren't working from the last update, or even if they are working, you would still have to update them.


Replied to thread: Can you create an API in any language?

I'm not sure about that, but I don't know any person that made an API in for example C#, all APIs that I know are made in C++. That's the primary language too.

Replied to thread: Every Single Complaint Is About JJSploit

@Moon What I am trying to say, that moderators should make a thread discussing what should they do / check first before making a complaint, for example make a thread or PIN a thread that already exists about patched exploits.

Replied to thread: [NoxPlayer] Is NoxPlayer Still a Virus/Miner?

@TERIHAX Still better though. Sometimes good things require good specifications.


Replied to thread: How do I setup the C++ API for WeAreDevs?

why even trying to use the C++ api while you don't know how to use it?

Replied to thread: [NoxPlayer] Is NoxPlayer Still a Virus/Miner?

I think I've heard about this player once, but I still reccomend Bluestacks myself, it's for sure much better.

The only one minus about Bluestacks is limited memory, I wish they could add it back so you can change how much memory you want it to use, and not only 4GB.

Created a new thread: Every Single Complaint Is About JJSploit

In My Opinion Every Single Complain On This Forum Is About JJSploit Lol

Maybe Not Every But Most Of Them That I See Are Just Complaining About JJSploit

Not To Hate JJSploit Or Anything, Just Saying

Replied to thread: scripthub yes haha

Maybe make your own scripts, would be cooler too.


Created a new thread: What would you think about a WRD MC Server?


I had the idea to make a Minecraft server for WRD, that will be open for all players.

It's not going to be 24/7, but I'll try to refresh it as much times as possible.

I'll probably get a Raspberry PI soon so I will be able to make it 24/7 later.


Anyways, tell me what you think.

Replied to thread: [REL] Electron Bypasser

I don't like your rep, might check it out though.


Replied to thread: [SELLING] Paypal Verification Working CCs



Stop selling CC's when you can get some for free.

Replied to thread: [Release/Source] WinForms Tabs

I sort of like your editor font, could you tell me it's name?

Replied to thread: Whats today's standards for RAM?

If you have a big budget, and if you're looking for playing some bigger games, 32GB should be enough. If just for browsing internet, coding, and ROBLOX, 16 / 8 GB of RAM should be enough. Feel free to ask what memory do I reccomend, I can link you up for a good one, or search some good ones. If you have a desktop computer, then sure, but laptop - nah.


DM me on Discord if you want to get the good RAM I reccomend: Anywerse#1734

Replied to thread: Jjexploit error

Stop complaining about it, how they say, sh!t happens, just wait for the devs to update it.