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Replied to thread: Neat feature more exploits should have

A lot of exploits have this feature already.

Replied to thread: 3 Months Left before I officially leave Exploit Community

i disagree with you leaving :(

Replied to thread: Rate my UI (Maybe Release?)

I don't even think this UI fits for a release. It's just... bad, that's my honest opinion.

Replied to thread: [REL] Roblox Username Generator

Vouch, cool release!

Replied to thread: logo designer plox

@ishanjit321 You literally used a logo maker. They're trash so please don't send me logos made with logo makers

Replied to thread: Can you guys rate the executor ui (i literally don't know how to use wpf so made in winforms)

It's a good UI, but looks a bit like Nihon or Novaline.

Replied to thread: why is everyone just leaving

Well, everything has its end, as they say 

Replied to thread: (CW) Impersonator, Server-Botter (causes destruction) and more.

Man's trying to become thanos đź’€

Replied to thread: (REL) Auto Refreshing ListBox C#

Great release!

Replied to thread: Please tell me some good adress dumper

@Vamashi You can try using the one I have sent you.

Replied to thread: Rate my UI Mandir

I recommend using AvalonEdit for your editor, it's really great. As for syntax, look at Immune's Github and you should find it there.


As about the UI, the title is very unaligned and is terrible, but the other buttons are pretty fine. Also, change the color, or, if you don't find any that will fit, try coding a rainbow color :) 

Replied to thread: filter the goddamn usernames

I mean sure, username filtering would be useful but I don't see any weird usernames (as for now)?

Replied to thread: Rate My Website

As for a begginer website it's pretty decent. Things you could change:

- The background. I reccomend Vanta.JS - it's a very simple thing to do, and you just have to write a few lines of code in JavaScript.

- Adding some buttons, and of course adding styles to them


That's all. If I will have any other ideas coming into my head I'll let you know.

Created a new thread: I would like to do something in return.


Since I have been CW'ed on, and apologized, probably most of you still don't like me.

I want to change that - I don't like when I have someone that dislikes me. I like to have friends, not enemeis (as probably most of you do).

That's why I want to do something in return. I will try to be nicer, and help out others. Not in the wrong way. If someone lost trust to Zenexya Softworks, don't. Lose trust to me - not the company itself.


Anyways, I will try my best to do something in return for what I have done.

Thanks! <3

Replied to thread: [REQUEST] Breaking point all items script

I'm not sure if it has the feature you asked for, but you can try this script.

Keep in mind I didn't test it, and the exploit that this script was tested on was Synapse X.

-- If it doesn't work, try using a exploit such as KRNL, or purchasing Synapse X
-- x.synapse.to