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Node.JS, PHP and C# programmer. My hobbies are programming, IT related stuff and photography.


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Replied to thread: Leaked TRIGON API

From what I heard Trigon isn't and wasn't good so why use it

Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

wow i was finally in a screenshot damn also I didn't know that raging region (current nickname) was weebs gf, i also saw (and see) that sirweeb is overreacting, I have a gf myself but I defend her when it's necessary (for example someone being really toxic to her)

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

@RealNickk She does dancing, but not every day. I'll ask her though, I'll eventually tell you what she replied.

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

@RealNickk That's not the point. She has school till 4 PM (Britain), and then she comes back, and plays Valorant. Doesn't even ask me how was my day or something. Not even a single message - that's really worrying.

Replied to thread: Thoughts on Intel Arc A770?

I don't know what this is


Ok, I know now, I see it's very good, and only for 300$ which is definitely good

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

@Spanksterria with the homie? always.

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

I also have a girlfriend - she ain't coding or anything, she just playing Valorant with me. We're together for about a month or two now. However, I think she lost some feelings to me, as she's not texting me ALMOST NOTHING. One time I was like: "Hmm, let's see if she's gonna miss me". I didn't text her for about 4 DAYS. The next day she DM'ed me finally saying hello. Now we're doing like that still, but I dunno... I love her though. And I will for the rest of my life

Replied to thread: Whats your favorite fast food resturant?

Not sure if it exists in y'all countries, but for me it's MAX Burgers

Replied to thread: Rate My Exploit Design

It's just Synapse X remake, nothing special.

Replied to thread: Help me. WRD-API constant crash

Roblox probably updated, which means WRD API (and all executors) is patched.

Replied to thread: trojan file

WRD API is not a virus and is not malicious in any way. Anti-viruses are flagging WRD (and all executors, to be exact) as a virus due to WRD injecting into Roblox (which anti-viruses might take it as malicious) which is similar to trojans - they manipulate the injected process.

If that doesn't convince you, then look - if WRD would be a virus, I'm 100% sure 3/4 of the members here (of the forum) wouldn't be here.

Replied to thread: Moon order of operations.

@aeon Much better. 7/10

Replied to thread: Moon order of operations.

As I said - make the editor bigger.

Replied to thread: E-dating Service

I've actually seen it somewhere (totally not because I was looking for a e-date service)