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Replied to thread: [SERVICE] 99.9% Protection against Discord server deletions.

you can get the same thing by using free bots like dyno, etc

Replied to thread: weekly/monthly WRD meme competition?

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Iphone x or 11

@Ducxy its not really unstable if you use it on lower ios versions and it doesnt require that much effort to install its my opinion tho

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Iphone x or 11

@allennova unc0ver is better 

Created a new thread: [QUESTION] Iphone x or 11

so im trying to look for a new phone since my iphone 6 is too old and isnt getting the job good enough, im going for a iphone x or 11 which one should i pick?

Replied to thread: can you buy wearedevs patron with paypal?

@Bones cant get a card yet and i use paypal credit

Replied to thread: [Week 1] Questions of the week!

My answers:

1 - i dont have a prebuilt one

2 - I'd rather have 1 best friend.

3 - probly just be online and do nothing

4 - the normal one with pepperoni

5 - Probly Lil Nas's Industry Baby or some random spotify playlist lol

6 - Getting called to answer a question by my science teacher

7 - My first pc was a chromebook that was really good i trashed it since i got water on it and then its life ended and my first phone was this flipphone thing i used to have really long ago when i was 6 i think and i dont remember how it looks or where it is

Created a new thread: can you buy wearedevs patron with paypal?

i was trying to buy wrd's patron but im not sure if i can buy it with paypal or not

Replied to thread: My account got terminated (deadlocust)

most likely a ban wave to exploit servers

Replied to thread: [WeNews] Introduction

cool wheres my rep now

Replied to thread: Another Major Roblox Update

@Xen80 why

Replied to thread: [6] Question of the day!

uh forgot but the guy with the death book from death note

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Replied to thread: Showcasing LemonSploit Alpha

lookes like a krnl ripoff

Replied to thread: Favourite music genre / song

heres mine i dont really lisen to spotify