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Free synapse key 2021 no virus1!1

Free synapse key

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JJsploit premium key 2021

Replied to thread: Can Someone give me a synapse x key?

oMgggGGGggG fReE syNapSe kEy nO viRus 2021

Replied to thread: Haxim got token logged?

alot of people in discord are being hacked i think

i see these scams alot in servers

Replied to thread: New Roblox method that can detect %95 of scripts...

I hope krnl isnt affected by this

Replied to thread: how did you guys start exploiting / developing exploits?

I just wanted to troll noobs thats why i started exploiting

Created a new thread: Question about krnl

So 6 days ago people have been saying krnl has a ip logger and it will steal all your passwords is that true?

Created a new thread: Any scripts for this game called Naval Warfare?


are there any scripts for this game

Replied to thread: Get free nitro now! (until june 24)

Thanks for reminding me!

Replied to thread: Why cant i download krnl?

Krnl servers are down so wait until they fix it

Created a new thread: Server sided exploits

Any free server sided exploits that also have popular infected games?

Created a new thread: Learning how to script

so guys i want to learn how to script but i wanna some good vids or websites to learn scripting

Created a new thread: detecting viruses in exploits

how do i detect real viruses in exploits?

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