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Replied to thread: [RELEASE] LovenseRBLX - Lovense API Wrapper for Roblox

I regret googling...

Created a new thread: Roblox saying it's down when it isnt

Whenever I try to go on roblox it comes up with the typical screen you'd see when roblox actually went down, though it's not down since my friends are playing

anyone know how to fix this?

Replied to thread: What's the headless script? (server-sided)



It's dependant on the game, may not be a way to do it on every game. Ragdoll had one that used the potion to do it, unsure about any others

Replied to thread: [Rate] Delta V2 UI | Releasing Soon

hot ui

not so much for your background though

Created a new thread: Best exploit in 2022?

What do y'all think the best exploit is currently, whether it's paid or free in terms of update speed, support & how many scripts it can execute

Replied to thread: Is multiple roblox working? And if so how do I set it up?


Open MultiRBX
Go to Browser 1 (can be anything) launch one account from there
Go to Browser 2 (can be another browser, or a private window), launch account from there


Should work just fine

Replied to thread: [Release] Novaline v1.0 - Modern UI - Soon to be custom DLL - Great community

novaline yes.


name reminds me of novoline :thonk:

Replied to thread: Stanning WRD

yes, new api make pp go boing boing boing

Replied to thread: Any triggerbot script for arsenal that works on Free Executors? (Krnl, Fluxus, Etc)


Just use silent aim... if you're that lazy to press lmb then don't play FPS games ig?

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Goodluck in college :>

Replied to thread: Noblesse - New roblox exploit (beta)

Mostafa is cool
Noblesse is cool

Though that VIP chat kinda uncool...

Replied to thread: is BetterDiscord safe to use?

BetterDiscord is safe, I've used it for ages and nothing has happened... if you don't trust it you can look for alternatives such as powercord & goosemod

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Moon is cool.

Replied to thread: Nitro (with 2 boosts) for 4.20 dollars

@boyke Discord's normal nitro comes w/ 2 boosts