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Replied to thread: Official Goodbye

Goodluck in college :>

Replied to thread: Noblesse - New roblox exploit (beta)

Mostafa is cool
Noblesse is cool

Though that VIP chat kinda uncool...

Replied to thread: is BetterDiscord safe to use?

BetterDiscord is safe, I've used it for ages and nothing has happened... if you don't trust it you can look for alternatives such as powercord & goosemod

Replied to thread: negative rep chat

Moon is cool.

Replied to thread: Nitro (with 2 boosts) for 4.20 dollars

@boyke Discord's normal nitro comes w/ 2 boosts 

Replied to thread: [sneak peek] betterwrd — v3.0

:gun: release now


jkjk but looks pog ima be waiting

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Iphone x or 11

Neither, I've had both and I still prefer my  old Samsung tablet thingy :>

Replied to thread: New 7 LVL Exploit! SKYWARE.SS

Sky, believe in better

Replied to thread: [Week 1] Questions of the week!

1. Laptop, I want a custom build but I know nothing about PCs and prices are through the roof and/or out of stock so :sadcat:
2. 1 best friend

3. Nothing.. I overthink a lot so I lie in bed and message on discord most of the time

4. Pepperoni, I do like meat feast pizza's but pepperoni is something I always like

5. Be Alright - Dean Lewis

6. Insects, I guess?
7. I first had a phone, It was a really old blackberry

Replied to thread: Selling Synapse X Account For 12 euro

tos moment :kek:

account term when???

Replied to thread: What's your opinion on exploiting?

Its fun to ruin kids lego experience...

Deep likes exploiting with the kiddos too

Replied to thread: [6] Question of the day!

The one dude from the purge anarchy with the armoured car and guns, because he's kewl

Replied to thread: [5] Question of the day!

On a serious note; I want to do something related to psychology, don't know why I just find it really interesting.

Replied to thread: [5] Question of the day!

Bold of you to assume I'd have a future

Replied to thread: [4] Question of the day!

My talent is failing to live up to my parents expectations