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Replied to thread: Is multiple roblox working? And if so how do I set it up?


Open MultiRBX
Go to Browser 1 (can be anything) launch one account from there
Go to Browser 2 (can be another browser, or a private window), launch account from there


Should work just fine

Replied to thread: [Release] Novaline v1.0 - Modern UI - Soon to be custom DLL - Great community

novaline yes.


name reminds me of novoline :thonk:

Replied to thread: Stanning WRD

yes, new api make pp go boing boing boing

Replied to thread: Any triggerbot script for arsenal that works on Free Executors? (Krnl, Fluxus, Etc)


Just use silent aim... if you're that lazy to press lmb then don't play FPS games ig?

Replied to thread: Official Goodbye

Goodluck in college :>

Replied to thread: Noblesse - New roblox exploit (beta)

Mostafa is cool
Noblesse is cool

Though that VIP chat kinda uncool...

Replied to thread: is BetterDiscord safe to use?

BetterDiscord is safe, I've used it for ages and nothing has happened... if you don't trust it you can look for alternatives such as powercord & goosemod

Replied to thread: negative rep chat

Moon is cool.

Replied to thread: Nitro (with 2 boosts) for 4.20 dollars

@boyke Discord's normal nitro comes w/ 2 boosts 

Replied to thread: [sneak peek] betterwrd — v3.0

:gun: release now


jkjk but looks pog ima be waiting

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Iphone x or 11

Neither, I've had both and I still prefer my  old Samsung tablet thingy :>

Replied to thread: New 7 LVL Exploit! SKYWARE.SS

Sky, believe in better

Replied to thread: [Week 1] Questions of the week!

1. Laptop, I want a custom build but I know nothing about PCs and prices are through the roof and/or out of stock so :sadcat:
2. 1 best friend

3. Nothing.. I overthink a lot so I lie in bed and message on discord most of the time

4. Pepperoni, I do like meat feast pizza's but pepperoni is something I always like

5. Be Alright - Dean Lewis

6. Insects, I guess?
7. I first had a phone, It was a really old blackberry

Replied to thread: Selling Synapse X Account For 12 euro

tos moment :kek:

account term when???

Replied to thread: What's your opinion on exploiting?

Its fun to ruin kids lego experience...

Deep likes exploiting with the kiddos too