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hi i guess i like python and c++



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Replied to thread: Could anybody check if this is not a virus?

"when in doubt, any.run it" - Pixel12

Replied to thread: Synapse x key

uh let me think no, no, no, no and no

u cant get free synapse x unless its from a giveaway

Replied to thread: Exptic, The Skid / Fake Developer

somehow this landed in the roblox catagory for me


glitch maybe

Replied to thread: Emoji's/Emote's

its gonna take a lot of work as wrd uses tiny.cloud or i think it would either cost wrd for an upgraded subscription or something

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using the forum for "chatting" is prohibited

Replied to thread: [preview] Valet | cool exploit maybe

ive fallen in love with that ui

Replied to thread: [$10] Sardonyx | Lua (U) Transpiler | Identity: 8

that ui is absolute dog water


dll is obviously skidded + identity is so easy to modify so why are you even promoting that its supposedly level 8

you are also alting

just f!#$ off already, you are a cancerous scammer and nothing will change that now please, get a life, and go to mcdonalds to work if you are so desperate for money

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big meme moment

Replied to thread: How Is Everyone Doing?

your prayers have been recieved :(

Replied to thread: [release] immunity 1.1.0 :troll: https://discord.gg/phSbVtrDuX

kinda like it 


also cool modded synapse ui

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lol 69 funny number go brrrr

Replied to thread: [Release] Genisys 0.2 | Auto Launch | Customizable Themes | Voice Recognition | And More !

websocket execution +  voice recognition sounds pog

Replied to thread: Im leaving exploiting community forever



Replied to thread: How do I make a roblox exploit for MacOs X


I'm pretty sure C# doesnt run on MacOS.


Well .NET C# doesn't work but Mono will work.

Replied to thread: [ TEASE ] WRD AT WORK WILL BE BACK SOON

fill me in on what wrd at work is