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hello i am a person


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you are aleien stop ly

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yes please cccccccccccccccccccccccc


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nice script, this will probably be used by lots of people


vouch for contribution


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@Ducxy i think that's never gonna happen kekw

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it has every feature of a paid cheat but its free and has no monetization at all

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why does this look like the remix thing

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what 0x said

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 @Vilictusfr lol

Created a new thread: Add a "Previous Usernames" list

Haven't made a thread in a while, so why not have a go at it.


So, you might know that when you buy premium (5$ / Month) you can change your username.


I've had my confusion before because some people change usernames really often, so if i search for him or her in the "User Search" tab, i cant find the username.


So my idea is to add a list like the image below and make it so whenever you hover over it, you see the previous usernames.


If John would consider this i would very much appreciate it.


Thanks for reading


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Replied to thread: Roblox warning was updated we must update our exploits official notice from wearedevs

fr lol










Replied to thread: Ok guys, I re-designed EliteX and its free

It's way better compared to your old ui, good job!


Lemme tell you something though, levels dont really matter right now,  and every executor is basically level 7 (Including your exploit)

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no one is competent these days

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 veri naice!!