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@ribethings why do they still play cs 1.6

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very cool so hot my eyes are cooling down now

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@child1010 i had a dream where i was in ww2

Replied to thread: To every dev

understandable have a nice day

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@Blueless can i have a free siggy add me on discord  Captain John Price#5842

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przepraszam, naprawdę nie rozumiem, co mówisz


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im just gonna buy myself a nitro and it will become literally infinite

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ok cool im late

Replied to thread: [HELP] How do I stop my PC Blackoutting every 5 minutes

@Funtimesgetfunner Thanks for the help, I had to update my graphic driver and move a lot files from the C: Drive to E: Drive.

Created a new thread: [HELP] How do I stop my PC Blackoutting every 5 minutes

My PC Keeps getting black outted every time I watch a video on youtube.

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@kiwidevelopment says the one who's account got disabled 2 or 3 times idk

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delta is the best one ngl