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Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone. Thank you for everything :(

So, @illusion during this long time, i'm not going to lie. You did a lot of sh*t. 
You skidded UI, get a lot of "enemies" stole ppl work, beg for rep, snitching on your "friend". 

I'm not going to lie, see you leaving is a good point after all of that's. 

Replied to thread: [SELLING] A cheap ui

Lmao I'm sorry but that's.. Doesn't worth anything. 

I'm not even dev of ui or anything like that's but I'm one hundred percent sure i  can make that's in ten minutes to be honest.. 

Replied to thread: Script Pablo Hub V2 (good script)


Yeah, but tha'ts pretty simple.. Use a LIB ui and put other ppl loastring in.

Replied to thread: How to make Hint with custom png.


Something like this? 


local a = Instance.new("Hint", workspace)

a.Text = "Loading Dark Hub"



Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Anime Clicker Simulator GUI

Vouch good script.

Using Kavo-UI-Library who is a good choice. Function are working and open source.
Keep this up.

Replied to thread: Script Pablo Hub V2 (good script)

This hub is like skidded.. it's other ppl script. It's like making a Gui to start Owl hub or Dark hub or i'm wrong..?

Replied to thread: D4rK V2 [Showcasings]


D4rk is here bby

Replied to thread: D4rK V2 [Pre Release]

Yo um yeah hello one of my frist comment :o

Replied to thread: Emergency Response | D4rkxH - Paid Roblox Script - 180+ Purchase



My friend get a wrd account? :)

Replied to thread: Emergency Response | D4rkxH - Paid Roblox Script - 180+ Purchase


Thanks why i love you so much! :)


Altbot showcase coming ;)

Replied to thread: Emergency Response | D4rkxH - Paid Roblox Script - 180+ Purchase

@xamel Actually added in! :)


I still show the toggle button so people know there is one, but if they press on it 

then it will just say "AC bypass run automaticly.". Thanks for the suggestion!

Created a new thread: Emergency Response | D4rkxH - Paid Roblox Script - 180+ Purchase

Hey guys, this is D4rk and i just get on WeAreDevs and wanted to share you my work. 

D4rkxHub is a paid script for ER:LC.

Showcase here and auto-farm showcase here.



Developer team:


D4rk#9999 Main developer

RegularVynixu#8039 - Some help with scripts
xandu#6969 - Lib UI, key system




Discord server:

Replied to thread: Leaving for good

Sad story, bye.

Replied to thread: [CW] Bolts hub skidded

Yeah i show this on yt too

Replied to thread: [CW] D4rk is a CookieLogger - Your Roblox Account is maybe in danger

Yo, so lemme tell you that's what you say have no sence, i'll explain you rq!




First Viper tools is a real tools, you contact the creator of it, 𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙1812


Contact him if you want!




Second, the video you about "if you see..." is a website who made by a old friend and he wanted me to do a video, i just download his video and publish it, there is no "COOKIELOGGER IN" and say that's D4rk exploit is cookie logger is one of the best idiot things i seen, we have 10K+ user login on our website " d4rkexecutor" and lot download. You can contact these people if you want to make sure, they are my worker.




RealChronic#2286 - Exploit owner with me. (UI and exploit)


draxer#0001 - UI coder


Haxim#5577 - API maker


DeepPain#3231 - DLL maker 



They are all respected and are doing amazing job. Read this make us bit mad. Thanks anyway for delete this thread who make no sence. Contact me on discord if anything else i'm not that's much on We are dev.                                                                                 D4rk#9999