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Just wanna contribute to the exploiting community and make people smile



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he doesn't use the forums anymore

i came back because why not


also yes

it was me the entire time

you have dumdum disease haha rekt noobymcnoobnoob 


and i have changed noobymcnoobnoob am sorry for dogsgsgdsgsgs

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The global should work out fine, basically, you give them an email for purchase and after you purchase, you get that code sent to your PayPal email or the email you gave them and you redeem that code in Steam


been a while since I bought from G2A or any other services so I forgot to redeem the code in Steam

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Created a new thread: Sadly quit :sad:

Hello, loved staying here on WRD but I'm sad to announce I'm quitting, can't share much details but


I'll be back [probably]


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I don't have a problem with cookie logging and scamming on Roblox, I do have a problem scamming in actual deals in the forums that involve money or something.

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To be honest, I do believe in ghosts as I've heard true ghost stories and have seen stuff that nobody can really 'explain' and honestly, in my opinion I literally have no idea what the hell that is.



I'm gonna be reasonable here, make sure to identify what it is before saying anything. You don't know what the hell that is, in the first image it looks like a gravestone is floating so maybe investigate?

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get a new computer


your computer is heavily outdated why would you wanna fix that anyways

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basically Roblox will release a big update that will render every exploit's injection useless

Created a new thread: Another Major Roblox Update

Roblox will be releasing a major Roblox update that will break a ton of exploits, free exploits that include Krnl, Fluxus and Oxygen U will come to a mutual agreement that they will not be updating this week and will take their time to work on this update.


Hopefully Synapse X can update faster this time.

[obvious note : this isn't gonna be a normal Roblox Update, it will screw with every exploit]

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how is it silent

when it's a blue switches keyboard


i'm confused can you explain your opinion?

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that keyboard has blue switches tho

Created a new thread: Silent Keyboard

My microphone is the HyperX SoloCast and I have a pretty crappy keyboard, I'm planning to get a nice keyboard this month. Can anyone recommend me any silent keyboards?


My microphone is a USB microphone, on my desk placed in front of my keyboard so it would have to be really silent.

I apologize for making such a request, but it would be awesome if anyone could help me with this, thanks!

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@halvik915Yeah, Synapse X took longer to actually test if this will get you affected in the banwave, that's why Synapse X always has less users affected in the ban wave, and even if they are, the users normally use other exploits out there and other exploit users always mess up public statistics on v3rmillion and stuff.

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i would honestly buy it for you but..



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update for everyone wondering about the bypass :


it literally just deletes the entire game and stuff