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vouch, looks nice

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@mwc94087 i need bleach for my eyes

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First off start learning from the Lua documentation, as you may know, it was based off of that language, (Luau is modified Lua as you can tell): https://www.lua.org/manual/5.4/ and head to the The Language section, this is the beginning. While you're at it keep trying to use those basics and turn them into something so you'd have more knowledge on what you're using, after you're pretty much used to the basics and you're not getting slow while using them then you can get to another level which is pretty much exploit documentation, start reading many exploit documentation and familiarize yourself with it, use it to make scripts on basic games, once you're familiarized you can head on the hooking part which may be a bit confusing at start (my brain almost melted) but when you learn more on it you'd pretty much learn they just put it in confusing words and you will understand what each keyword means, not everybody learns the same way others do but there's one thing I guarentee you, you're going to suffer a lot of erroring, so when you learn the basics i recommend you get some imagination when it comes to error handling, expect some errors which may not even happen because it might fix other errors (happens to me). if you're confused on something just throw me a dm: kura#6311

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@crazy_cat you're going to make me kill myself

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@allennova Sounds solid, could be a good PC for almost everything I can imagine, as for the keyboard I have some recommendations but it all depends on what he wants (i'm a keyboard lover)

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@Spanksterria considering you have a dr*g dealer as your pfp sounds ironic (jk pls don't eat me)
edit: try smashing yourself in your desk a couple times and it will work out, just make sure you don't do it too hard.

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@Nolix it technically is, let's just count it as a first ok?

thanks for the support :> 



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@Nolix thx, and it's sort of my first script hub i've taken seriously and yes there's bugs but i'm trying to fix as many as I can currently got the Infinite Breathing and Infinite Stamina fixed and I re-worked the Fish Farm in Project Slayers.

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Project Luna



Project Luna is a new script hub that relies on stability and quality and is being constantly worked on, it's completely free and no key because this project is for me and my friend to expand more knowledge on scripting in general.

   Da Hood,

   Project Slayer,

   Raise A Peter



loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync("https://lunahub.cf/Loader.lua", true))()


Duxkyx (Owner, Developer): https://wearedevs.net/profile?uid=84147

kura (Me, Owner, Developer): https://wearedevs.net/profile?uid=68402

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Happy birthday.


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@crazy_cat i m a g e s

Someone here needs inspiration as well.

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tl;dr: Take everything by small steps, just like your body, if you skip a step it's most likely to revert you back a couple, your body will need support from others to keep it's own balance and the loop repeats, you will help others heal and others will heal.

Well explained Nickk.

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@SirWeeb You're welcome bud.

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Too simple and too small, try making it bigger.

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W, well deserved