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Replied to thread: WBEBSITE IDEA (cool) website

@Aja Not really, it's just getting input from text and etc.

Replied to thread: get rid of all these bot threads.

I believe moderators already have this ability and 20 day delay sounds kind of dumb because if someone made an account to make a thread to ask for help then they can't because of 20 day delay.

Replied to thread: [VectorX] Modern WPF UI for Rating

The text animating gives me a little bit of brain damage, how about you move it and fade it in together, it wil look better than just having it move to its position and so goes for the slogan.

It looks decent but the logo can have a re-work for it looks like V3rm's logo.

Replied to thread: Exploit name suggestions

Altemius / Altemis (Sounds like math, don't know why).

Replied to thread: Exploit name suggestions

@Hopkins54 :dies:

Replied to thread: Show an image of what you're currently working on.

@CrackerIsHere It looks nice but the size is killing me (resizable plssssss).

Replied to thread: Coop Scripting Application and Discussion! (For Fun Only)

Where did you get all of these text thingy?


Replied to thread: I found out how to bypass the roblox chat filter

Pretty sure there's already a script to bypass the chat.

Replied to thread: [FREE] I will make a website for you

@Zander7473 Well you're right but still doesn't gets rid of the fact that he most likely copy and pasted website because of the name.

Replied to thread: [FREE] I will make a website for you

@MyExploitz http://siplersploit.rf.gd/scripts.html

The title is "TOPK3K SERVERSIDE" even though it's for "siplersploit" hm, seems like a copy and paste site and please learn HTML + CSS, don't use builders.