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Current kernel programmer, Ex hobo, Ex CyberSecurity Professional, Ex NSA hacker, ex outlaw!!


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yes I will definitely try to make one, I am already making some good progress ;)

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when it doesnt look like someone who's sleep in a bag of incest

Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Android Exploit Headhunter

hi guys headhunter is android hack too now.


IOS coming in stores near you sometime in the future




I don't know the rules for uploading apks but it's not malware ig so yeah, all code written by me besides you know the whole roblox codebase.






headhunter V2 is also coming soon, which features proto conversion



good releases, free code and other things:



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hookfunction(print, function()



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vouch I needed this

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headhunter v2 and a couple other private projects x3

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This user is egotistical and a toxic person to be around. I do not suggest you use the branded Nihon™


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that like asking if hacking with C# is easier than hacking with C++


drivers are external

DLLs are internal

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spank it then bank it

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yeah can u add Charlie to the JJSploit UI

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no thanks

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$10 if you have C++ knowledge

$25 if you don't

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hi should I hop back into community


exploiting is boring as hell now but like yeah idk if u wanna pay me I can teach u stuff, I got the knowledge.


if you want me to bully you while you code in a VC my prices start at $3


if you want me to give you code my prices start at $20


I use cash app and paypal.


I've been exploiting for 2 and a half years now.

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hi tyler welcome back