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Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

@Spanksterria if that's what you wanna think

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

relatable, my girlfriend is the best

Replied to thread: Novaline doesn't work, or should I say kicks me.

Please use the correct api. WRD api should be up and running without any issues.

Replied to thread: Allow for normal neg reps

@atari april fools update

Replied to thread: [REL] custom roblox launcher

I vouch for this beautiful piece of software

Replied to thread: Is there any exploit better than KRNL that is free?

you should checkout Novaline, it's great :)

Replied to thread: My new exploit i made Optimous X



Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] ROBLOX EX-COM SLANDER #1

LMAO another great slander made by skie

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Hurricane Ian ESP

@RealNickk I'm not gonna warn you cause u were quoting Atari but please remove that nword, thanks.

Replied to thread: [REL] Class to parse the lastest.json, Download Files and clean up DLLS

Try to not use that many nested if statements

Replied to thread: XeraX Exploit [v1.0 Released & More Better]

@N4ri exactly what N4ri said. Well formatted reply, thank you for posting it.

Replied to thread: [REL] Jishaku - Discord Bot Example

it's nice

(I'm not being held at gunpoint to say this)

Replied to thread: My Apology for my Recent Actions

(for other mods)

I did indeed give him permission

Replied to thread: [BUG] Seen threads dont sync on mobile

This is a bug?

Replied to thread: OP ROBLOX EXECUBTOR

Please add an AND a hybrid analysis or I will delete your thread