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Hello, I am Vilictus. Skills: Luau 52%, HTML 72%, CSS 47%, Python 3%.


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Vouch Vouch! Amazing :manface:

Replied to thread: smh note for mods

@SirWeeb Ugh, I didn't know that, my apologies.

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There is no reason for it, the -rep for alting is only used when your main account has a negative reputation, and try to avoid it. 


Replied to thread: [SOON] Okum - Get in the game

@Blueless  If you want to look like simplydev the first thing you have to do is to act like him, which you are doing right now. Also the script cloud is something quite interesting, since sax / simplydev had the same idea. Smh you give more doubts than answers.....

Created a new thread: [Kuda Cloud v22.0.1] - Back end is already! Update about Kuda.

Hello everyone! Greetings from the Kuda development team.  {Me, Isaacxs & Reven}


During these weeks that we have been working on Kuda, we have decided to create a new UI. Unfortunately for the school we have had delays, although our cloud back end has finally been finished.

So we want to give you an idea of what Kuda will allow. Unfortunately, we will show how it will work on a console and not on the new ui due to the circumstances mentioned above.


Normal Upload:


Share script with people & friends (Soon we will have a design to have an alternative to raw.):


Upload from pastebin or another raw url: [Too many embeds make you dizzy]




Kuda Cloud will allow you to upload 25 scripts and 6 MB of space for free. no charge. 



Our Work: We allow you upload, update, delete, share (Raw Url) script and upload a script from a pastebin or a raw url.

Soon: This is our Beta, Thanks to suggestions we plan to support Github repositories in the not too distant future! So Goodbye!


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R.I.P :( may she rest in peace..

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The title should be better: 'Promote your exploit here' :joy:

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@WallyRBLX I respect your mistaken opinion :skull:

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@WallyRBLX Excuse me? What are you talking about?

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My answer was never against you, I hope you didn't think of that because of our past.

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Min is simple and innovative. 

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Agreed! Looks so nice.

Replied to thread: [CW] Blueless COULD be SimplyDev/Sax

When Blueless joined WRD I suspected the same thing, and even had a conversation with him. In the end he said that he was a friend of simplydev, although the evidence presented here proves that this is not a concidence.


Maybe it is an alt, although I doubt it, why he would need to create another account if has Blueless, of course has a negative rep,  but it is mostly positive. 

Of course, the return of Blueless is quite rare.




HTML isn't a programming language.