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Hello, I am Vilictus, Learning Html and CSS. Lua Developer.


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Created a new thread: Bye guys! Leaving from the community.

During these months I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in this community.


I got here at my worst moments: CW's. After that I received a second chance from all, THANK YOU ALL.

After a few weeks, hey? What was that :0? Noticed… I never thought it possible but for some reason Jon decided to trust me, and I'm very grateful to him, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Since there I have been trying to help people


However, not everything is happiness and my personal life was getting worse and worse, my marks went down and well I don't feel good about it, during this year without virtuality, I have improved, So I've been motivated to leave from the community for personal reasons, I love this community, I like to hack Lego, and I'm leaving without exploring many interesting things.


My thanks to all the people who opened their doors and allow me to be someone in this community, thank you very much.


Bye my friends :D.

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I don't have a N.1° .


Novaline, Delta, Nihon, JJ, and Celery.

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Table = {'a', 'b', 'c'}
print(#Table) --3

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No, That's fake.

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Disable your Anti-virus.

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Thanks You!

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Vouch! Nice..

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I tried but I'm stupid using tables and the code doesn't work :(

However, I will try it once again.

Created a new thread: {Help} prevent a value from repeating



Well in context I am trying to create a system that collects the names of the most wanted players. However the 'posters' are in different places so they will be repeated.

So an example of my code:

for _,v in pairs(game.Workspace.WantedPosters:GetDescendants()) do
	if v:IsA('TextLabel') and v.Name == 'Wanted' then










So, how can I prevent Implayer1 from repeating and only returning once? I would appreciate your help, Thanks!


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Next thread in r/robloxhackers : I managed to fool everyone in wrd, with my alt !!

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Wait 30 Minutes.

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For some reason that message is there haha.


Right,  the site is down.

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Who cares? I like hacking a lego game and? Sounds more like someone who is hateful and envious 

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I have seen this before.