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Why there is always 10 active users and 200 active guests every time i visit forum?

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@Whomanalready having velocity on body parts (with BodyPosition) but they still fall

Replied to thread: [req] network ownership bypass

@Whoman tell me how to fix im crying😭

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this CW made with windows paint lol

Created a new thread: [req] network ownership bypass

Can anyone share a script that bypasses ownership (atleast for ur character parts when opened godmode), so my body parts will not just fall when another player is near to me

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@kyron bruh just joking

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@crazy_cat an "adblocker" that displays ads and does bitcoin mining

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epik 10/10


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Its skidded from some tutorials and it does not have any special things for make people use it

Replied to thread: need help with trying to find args for a remote

thats because AddItem returns nil (and why u trying to delete the entire game)

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Just dont create a OpenFileDialog everytime, create once and reuse it

and " == true"💀

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Step1: Dont skid
Step2: Learn C#

Step3: Thats it

Replied to thread: something went wrong.

Your antivirus may blocking wearedevs or Its something about your code not wearedevs

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dude calm down its just patched, devs needs time for update, go touch some grass while jjsploit is patched