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something tells me he just wants to make people do his exploit for free like this

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dm deleted acc#2975 your paypal ill send mone

Replied to thread: I bought Synapse... But nothing happened...

check your spam folder and if it isn't there go to sirmemes discord and ask a synapse mod there for help I think you just need to show you sent the mone

Replied to thread: gib suggestion or gae

@N4riare you dumb? thats a horrible name it should be synapsx free no virus 2021 bobux generator haram free habibi

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someone had already asked for neutral rep for the same reason but idk which mod said no

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Replied to thread: Big Updates and WRD API Breaking Changes

where global chat

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@Moonok and

Created a new thread: we did some moderate trolling

we did some moderate trling to wrd