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all these exploits but theyre just not her 😔😔

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@Aja Remind me when I "hated" on you

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@Vilictus Nope discovered weed a while back but I applaud you for accuracy

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@Aja Stop it's Caramel not Carmel and before you say Carmel can be used as a name, the entire theme of your exploit is the candy

Created a new thread: Running out of motivation, how can I get it back?

So, recently I've started having a better life. I go out almost every day for hours at a time and explore downtown in my city (I live in a big city so its really fun), I spend hours a day with my friends after school. But with such an eventful life im losing motivation and time to keep coding. I don't want to keep coding in order to make money, I don't do it for the money and I never did. But since I'm in a big city the tech jobs pay really well ($100k+ USD a year). I don't know if I should care about my career yet, as I'm still in middle school, but at the same time I want to continue to code to pave my future.


How can I regain the motiviation I used to have?


(Note: This isn't a "quit" message, I don't have intent of leaving the community, I just have less time to be in it.) 

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My mom wont let me get a cat

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@RealNickk When did homos*xual teenagers start having babys?

Created a new thread: rataalada.com done loading ("The Batman", 2022 lure)

So for anyone whos watched the new Batman movie, or is just following the lure, the website that The Riddler used (rataalada.com) had been "loading" for about a week (example: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/812777497347227658/951986212254670858/unknown.png, taken from archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220309053757/https://www.rataalada.com/).


Well, it's finally stopped loading.


The following has been displayed.



As to what he means "my new friend" is unknown as far as I know, but the reward has the following files:





If you would like to see the files, you can download the reward at https://www.rataalada.com/rpo/know_what_i_know.zip




If there are any more major updates, I'll create a new thread

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@SeizureSalad Actually not me

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make me one since ive known you for a while and have no other reasoning

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Mfw my school email blocked GitHub

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And Biden is stupid enough to say the U.S may get involved.

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I like Temple's

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@kiwidevelopment If WRD suddenly introduced a dislike system, this would be the first post I would dislike.

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while true do 
  print("codeblock test")