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Replied to thread: Why does synapse x slow down your pc and lag Roblox so much!?

move this out of the C# category, use the ROBLOX category instead

Replied to thread: [CW] Nam3 - Pedo, Skid

@nam3 wtf lol you are so stupid i think i get the pass on this one to be toxic to some ignorant p***phile

being a child doesnt make storing child p*** ethical.. :bruh:

Replied to thread: SERVICE | UI design for FREE

You got some potential but you gotta stop posting your UI's when you're still a (semi?)-beginner.

If you get your name known while being a beginner, people will think of you as a beginner.

So i'd recommend posting this thread when you have more experience.


(I dont mean this to come off as toxic so mb if it seems that way)

Replied to thread: In a script, how do I make a button be pressed?

@Moon I think op wanted a script that could press a button probably either on the script itself or in game 


to OP: check if theres a remote event for the button, or try and get the code the button executes thru dex?? idk im not that good at script development

Replied to thread: In a script, how do I make a button be pressed?

@Moon Not what he meant

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs At Work Episode 3.1 / Part 2 ( Wendy Wendy go away! )

while im not featured, you can see my name like twice at the end on the forum 


Replied to thread: Give davidTube the Noticed badge

I, swiney2, hereby agree. 


Replied to thread: [REL] BetterWRD V3.6 — Emotes & More!

This is very cool 






Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] WeAreDevs At Work Episode 3.0 ( Wendy Wendy go away! )

So you really just put whoever asked cuz some of these people are just random members

Replied to thread: Introduction??

@Yup If by 'the discord thing' you mean the image in his signature, I'm guessing he made it himself. You'll have to find a graphic designer in this community to make you a custom made one.


Other than that, welcome to the community!

Replied to thread: Azure - Simplistic Exploit, More to come

very cool exploit this reply is definitely not a bump

Replied to thread: he lied to you all

@uhprison You can get in trouble with moderators for making 'joke' threads

Replied to thread: he lied to you all

Uhhh... that was posted in 2018..?

Replied to thread: syntax hoghlighting for fastcoloredtextbox

You would have to go into the src of fastColoredTextBox and create a new class/modify the current class for Lua. 

If you do want to or dont feel like you can do this, I would recommend using a different editor.

Replied to thread: D4rK V2 [Pre Release]

this is a certified hood classic