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Replied to thread: Really sus ad

sussy ads = fat stonks /shrug

Replied to thread: Rumble quest script modified working

nice release but if ur gonna but ads on a script at-least use linkvertise. Ad-fly pays so low and it just spams pop ups. Linkvertise is more user friendly and pays a lot more

Replied to thread: Is jjspolit safe?

i can confirm jjsploit is 100% safe, been using it for a very long time and my pc is still just as fast :)

Replied to thread: WeAreDevs At Work Episode 3.1 / Part 2 ( Wendy Wendy go away! )

can't wait :)


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Replied to thread: [Selling] Roblox visit Bot

no, no, no, no, no, and no

Created a new thread: Notification button misplaced

idk how to put images onto this so uh here is a link

Replied to thread: Syncing roles between 2 different Discord servers?

go into ur discord server settings and go to template 

Replied to thread: [ NEW! ] WeAreDevs At Work Episode 3.0 ( Wendy Wendy go away! )

this was actually pretty funny, well done :)

Replied to thread: Goodbye everyone. Thank you for everything :(

Ignore the mean replies, i hope you do well and goodluck :)

Replied to thread: Linkvertise down?

the download manager is broken, that's all i know of rn

Replied to thread: [AD] Moon Lounge

very epik server go join 





moon let me out of ur basement now please.

Replied to thread: Readd the Debate subforum

@McSalte omg no ur not cool >:[

Replied to thread: Emergency Response | D4rkxH - Paid Roblox Script - 180+ Purchase

pretty cool script ngl, vouch cause d4rk is epic B)