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Created a new thread: JJSplot multiple tabs

I've been using JJSploit lately and I must admit it's awesome and very convenient. I would like to ask if it is possible to add + (open other scripts) to the lua page so that when changing games, we just need to click on the tab the script has been opened for.

Thank you for this awesome exploit devs. I'm loving it.

Replied to thread: need help with jjsploit, krnl & skisploit

ok, thank you. But I really don't mind the key system (as long as it works), cos I really do appreciate the hard work the devs are doing.

Created a new thread: need help with jjsploit, krnl & skisploit

I was using jjsploit earlier, it worked just fine till i switched to another server. The cmd just stood there doing nothing, just pitch black. So I tried to use skisploit, after closing many pop ups, it kept giving me the same key, until it didn't. But when I inserted the new keys it kept saying they all have expired.
As for krnl, after going through linkvertises, it kept giving me the same key. When i refresh, it goes back to linkvertise with free access and still the same key all over again. In other words, I can't inject any of them. 

Note: I have cleared all caches, cookies and browsing data

Replied to thread: Help with krnl, please

Everytime Roblox updated, I download the new krnl (and some other exploits). It was working perfectly even after several roblox updates but currently sometimes it works and most of the times the pop up saying "An unexpected error has occurred! Roblox needs to close" appears during injection. Despite the fact that krnl says Roblox is "out of date, do you want to continue" on start, it ran perfectly up till now.
I've permanently disabled windows defender and installed other manageable antivirus and there has not been any issues in this regard. And there has been no recent windows update since i don't update for avoid the fuss of uninstalling bloatwares that comes with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated. Thank you

Created a new thread: Help with krnl, please

Everytime it auto attaches to roblox or I later on inject it, it keeps saying: An error has occured. Please close Roblox.

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i'll second that. Injection runs perfectly but can't execute. Nothing happens after execution or roblox freezes till timed out or "sorry roblox has crashed"

Replied to thread: JJsploit error with ROBLOX??

not just jjsploit but all executors. Theyre not working since yesterdays roblox upgrade. I ended up trying all the exploits here, but kept getting the "You were kicked due to unexpecting client behaviour" message

Replied to thread: I cant attach my jjsploit

I have the same problem even before roblox updated and patched everything, so what i did was using gravity switch's exploit to attach, but that just got patched yesterday and now "painfully" using nihon