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hello :)


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Replied to thread: i got new peesee :)

Gud, gud

Replied to thread: [REQ] One time purchase script security

@Whoman there is something called clientid

Replied to thread: i need a free, stable and smooth-feeling exploit.

@ImmuneLion318 what api does nihon use?

Created a new thread: i need a free, stable and smooth-feeling exploit.

i've been getting back to exploiting recently, using fluxus. but recently it has been crashing and the ui is not so smooth. could anyone suggest a good one?

Replied to thread: [WARNING?] the 11 yr old is planning a "mass attack" like hes a flipping terrorist :skull:

kid doesnt even know c# XD

Created a new thread: what do you think of the russian missiles hitting poland?

today about 20 mins ago 2 russian missiles hit a village inside polish terittory, what do you think will happen?

Replied to thread: funny concept?

would be a good alternative for key systems

Replied to thread: Is bcrypt safe?

@Murz gib link

Created a new thread: Is bcrypt safe?

im making an account system using node.js and i have the option to use bcrypt. Is it safe or should i use something else?

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tbh if you have money, go for greece or italy

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bad to mid uis, but cant complain since it is free

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came back from my grave to wish you happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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@Rexi bro he/she is polish 💀💀💀

but tbh if we dont drag allies into this the taf are stronger than the gaf

Replied to thread: I think this is the end...

@Whoman plus, when the usermode ac fortnite thing happened, they weren't using byfron