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Vouch vouch ppkiller good UI maker

Replied to thread: [Kinda CW] Whitewasreborn - the most hated person in this community

@Zander7473 i mean whitewashere did the same like what charliezkie did. Also arent u zander that was being my staff long ago and raided my ShadowSquad server few years ago? 🤔

Replied to thread: [Kinda CW] Whitewasreborn - the most hated person in this community

Kronos = Charliezkie

both ip loggers kekw

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2nd UI looks good

Replied to thread: [ CW ] Wendy / Wonder_x86 ( Harassment / Lying / Skidding / EGO AF / Pretend He is better & Other stuff too )

Wendy Pp smol no cap he begged me for simple sht from my exploit source

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Encrypted X


⚪ VS Code Inspired UI

⚪ Ofc no skid

⚪ Owl Hub And Dark Hub Support

⚪ Trusted Developers

⚪ Multi API

⚪ Auto Download The Updated API

⚪ Custom APIs Code

⚪  In Game Script Hub And In The Encrypted X Script Hub

⚪  Custom Dll Soon

⚪  Cute Login UI


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Note: If you see something like ShadowSploit from the executor it isn't skid, ShadowSploit was Encrypted X old name and my old name was Shadow 1160 ok pp mwa c:

Encrypted X Developers: Encrypted, SirWeeb, Lil French, Kynan

Helper: LittleKiller Supreme

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yeah must be modded roblox apk

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