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Created a new thread: Anyone know of Skisploit's existence?

Just curious if anyone knows about it.  I been using it for like 2 years

Created a new thread: What are yall's opinions on Furk Ultra?

I'm beginning my exploit collection journey, inspired by the HaxCollector guy.  Subject 18, Furk Ultra.  This guy is money hungry, ads every time you click on anything.

Created a new thread: Best 10 dollar exploit? 😎

I found 2, one is called Temple, it looks really cool.  https://temple.cx


The other one, is SirHurt.  I don't know the backstory but supposedly the owner is a pedo.\


So i'm just thinking which one to get.

Created a new thread: Looking for a working godmode script

I want a godmode script that can work on sword fight on the heights but none of the scripts i can find work : ' (

Replied to thread: Melissa coming soon... (Formerly Aquilx/Palette/Sandinal) [Releasing on Christmas/before]

@Rexi Where is your pfp from?  I'm just curious, obviously...