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Replied to thread: finj5.exe issue

I don't recommend using the WeAreDevs API at this time.  Rōblox automatically kicks you after <15 minutes.  If you want to download it for yourself, check out "" and look for the URL that corresponds to "qdRFzx_exe".

Replied to thread: Roblox code error 268

All I could say is to migrate to Krnl or Comet until the issue gets fixed.  Check the forum on Friday nights (or Saturday morning) and if people stop complaining about getting 268'd, it works.


Check this link often to see if any fixes take place after today (the 18th):

Replied to thread: Krnl dosen't execute scripts


Would you see anything in your devconsole?


If so, I expect Blox Fruits to have underwent an update.


If not (I just read that you tried other scripts), try putting that script in your "/autoexec" folder and adding a 30-second wait before the first line.

Created a new thread: [QUESTION ABOUT 268] Are there any users who are NOT getting 268'd, and if so: what scripts are you NOT running?

I've noticed that people (including myself) have been getting those errors whenever we inject the WeAreDevs API.  Are there any users who are NOT getting 268'd, and what are you NOT running?  My autoexec scripts include anti-afk, remote spy, keypress-to-teleport, etc.  I appreciate the feedback!


I've also noticed that most of the recent complaints are from the API library itself.  Does JJSploit work any differently?

Created a new thread: Kicked Due to Unexpected Behaviour

Here are some verbose logs I collected:

Replied to thread: JJSploit Requests

Make sure to keep the API in service!  I wrote a command-line interface to work with WRD because I believe using a GUI to execute scripts I may run many times is clunky. 

Replied to thread: Is There Any Way To Launch the Exploit on Not Roblox.exe? You Know what i mean(instead of the default roblox file is there any way to launch it on another process?)


If you're running it on a different compiled build of Rōblox, it probably won't work.  Today's executors are designed to take advantage of what we have now - not last week.  I recommend you look into Rōblox Filtering Disabled:

Created a new thread: [ERROR 268 ON WEAREDEVS] Reporting unexpected client behavour (unexpected for us, I mean).

As of 2022-11-04, Rōblox and the WeAreDevs API are giving me 268 errors again.


Here's a dump of I was able to gather.  I manually changed a good set of FFlags to get the log more verbose.  Point of focus is on line 3227.


I am running DLL version 3087; Fluxus injector version 49.

Replied to thread: HOW TO FIX JJSploit not working


I do not believe Rōblox had an update over the last 24 hours.  Instead, I'd bog it down to connection issues on WRD's side.

Replied to thread: guy what happen to jjsploit???

It's probably an issue with WRD's backend.  I'm having the same problem just today and my connection works fine.

Created a new thread: [API DEVELOPERS: FOR THE NEXT UPDATE] Make finj.exe/exploit-main.dll work when it FAILS to pull the latest data.

I, like a lot of people, have been faced with an error prompting me to update the WRD API.  I check the latest WRD data frequently and notice that the issue is not with the version.  I noticed that most of the time, it boils down to poor internet connection.  Over the last week, my advice was to simply re-install the program - this did not solve the problem.


For this reason, I ask the API developers to consider adding an exception case for when the API is unable to connect to  If it is not reasonable to get it to work without needing to ping WRD's servers, consider adding a descriptive error message that asks the user to inject again.

Replied to thread: newest JJsploit being outdated?

I would recommend re-installing JJSploit.  The bootstrapper is sometimes known to not update all the right files.

Replied to thread: [PROOF OF CONCEPT] Multi-API command-line script executor!


I'm deciding to not use any extraneous DLL-storage systems.  The utility you linked to me seems to work entirely using .NET modularisation.  I have searched on GItHub for scripts that reference Costura, but no result.  So I conclude that it's not a viable option.

Replied to thread: [PROOF OF CONCEPT] Multi-API command-line script executor!


I'll look into it once I can exploit again!