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Created a new thread: Leaving this community

I know no one cares but I just want to tell you guys that I wont be active the next few weeks or months maybe even forever (probally not lol).


Ive been thinking of leaving for quite a while now, the last time I actively played roblox was like half a year ago so it just doesn't make any sense to be in an exploiting community. I will probally still reply on some threads but not on as many as I used to.



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Wait didn't you post this like a week ago lol?


Anyways gl in your future

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I hope we will stay in touch if not I hope you will come back

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In my opinion this is way better than WRD at work lol

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Good luck in your future live, we didn't talk a lot at all but I still respect you so goodbye

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@atariwow fr?

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Reading those conversations is cringing me out lmao

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Everyone deserve a second chance and also I didn't have any argument with you so yeah

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@Cyrosoh okay thank you

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@T4N_EXPLOITno cap this is the best thing ever like this is so good and so good yes but yeah really good but not bad it is good

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good one 6/10

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Who is Adyn lol