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Replied to thread: *NEW FIX* Unsupported version/Roblox Crashing at Injection

So I just open this file you have on here after I do my injecting?

Created a new thread: You are running an unsupported version of Roblox


Replied to thread: The update of Roblox

You have to pay for the fixed version.

Replied to thread: What happened to roblox now when you open games with it?

2. What I meant was that the executor cmd window would open when you inject in a game and then dissapears, now it doesn't?

Created a new thread: How Far Can JJSploit's ESP range stick out?

The ESP range of "how far players are" is bad, maybe 1200m (https://imgur.com/QbdlabD), but I'm playing ERLC, people be far across the map I know for sure because I check leaderboard and I don't see them with ESP?


and also how do I get an ESP to refresh everytime (instead of having to manually press ESP) because new people joining in and the ESP doesn't catch on them new players joining in the server??


Btw, I don't want to use another ESP, I like JJSploit's ESP.

Created a new thread: What happened to roblox now when you open games with it?

What happened to Roblox in the past few weeks while I wasn't playing? 


  1. Weird UI now, it's basically the website and you don't have to use a browser for Roblox now? What is this?
  2. Executor now has cmd window opened whenever I inject too! It used to just be there when you inject then it dissapears, why does it stay on now forever, even after I close Roblox? i.imgur.com/7lFfyTR.png 
  3. I can only like execute on 2 games before executor stops executing (because the effects aren't happening in game with the hacks in SSploit)
  4. Executor used to bypass my windows virus defense mechanism and now JJsploit won't and I have to disable "real-time protection" on my Windows 10 (and I don't have any programs of Virus-protection on my PC) and reopen jjsploit for it to work. Doing this everday now though I turned my "real-time protection" off the first time.


What is going on?

Created a new thread: We can't exploit to affect other players?

Is this right? I have a question.


I heard of this "network ownership" type of thing and I'm guessing we're only allowed to do things like fly, or etc. to ourselfs and not able to use exploits to oof, control, or anything to screw with another player's avatar. Does this sound accurate of what I'm hearing?


I think this will help me from having FAQs if someone could tell me if this is correct or not.



Thanks for reading this.

Created a new thread: What's the headless script? (server-sided)

I don't care if I can still get headshotted but as long as my head is invisible to other players.

Replied to thread: Roblox just updated right now at 4-13-22 1:20PM GMT-5

How do they already know? 

Created a new thread: Roblox just updated right now at 4-13-22 1:20PM GMT-5


4-13-22 (Wednesday) 




Just a heads up, fix the exploits.

Replied to thread: Roblox Cheat Detector in March of 2022

@SeizureSalad I can't view the exploit download? i.imgur.com/0GikcGO.png

Created a new thread: Roblox Cheat Detector in March of 2022

Wtf happened since Feburary 2022. I could execute scripts into a game and if it failed the game would probably do nothing or kick me out of the game but now it's still like that only difference is that I can't play any other game and get error code 268. I come back to Roblox after awhile and noticed I can play again.


Wtf does Roblox now have better technogloy to detect scripts/hacks that fail and then ban you for like x amount of time until you can play any game on Roblox again?

Replied to thread: The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict


Created a new thread: Are we in danger now because of Roblox's silent patch?

Like are we exposed to Roblox now because we use exploits and may get banned? JJSploit was letting me use some exploits like ESP and a fly hack during the time JJSploit was having problems yesterday?

Replied to thread: 3 seconds after I inject and it attaches, I get this error message?

If Roblox updated then why does JJSploit let me attach for 3 seconds, and btw I just used a different script and it worked and I didn't get the error message?