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Created a new thread: wrd api tried to run some shady programs

so i was using an exploit i made using wrd api and then windows defender alerted me that it tried to run a program and i had to restart my pc
it said that it was trojan win32 detplock or something
no screenshot because i restarted my pc before i was able to screenshot

Replied to thread: What IDEs do you use (or text editors)

visual studio, vs code, and sometimes python default ide

Replied to thread: Whenever i enter a script it crashes roblox

pretty sure roblox updated and wrd got patched. check out the robloxhackers subreddit. people there post updates and when exploits are patched

Replied to thread: how do i disable wrd trying to inject when i rejoin

i use my own exploits and they don't have auto inject

Replied to thread: any nice free exploits?

use comet. comet is keyless and has a custom api which is epic cool

Replied to thread: How do i make multiple keys for my key login?

use else if.
it's so simple.

all you have to do is add else if {} in between if and else and that will be for your other keys.

Created a new thread: how do i disable wrd trying to inject when i rejoin

so i use infinite yield and when i use ;rj wrd tries to inject and then it crashes roblox. and when i use a script in islands and i try to sell my things on some shady store it tries to inject and roblox crashes. i probably need to edit the api itself or sum and i don't know any c# or how the api works

Replied to thread: "Fatal Error" and then if I close the popup or "ok" roblox crashes

roblox updated. api is patched.

Replied to thread: [RATE THIS UI] Static's New UI In Progress

from a guy who only started making exploits for like 3-4 weeks, id give this a 9/10. but the layout is just so overused and boring now that i'd give this a 4/10. try putting the buttons on the bottom.

Replied to thread: [release] Falcon XXII | just an eggsploit like any other


i saw you uploading screenshots on the comet discord

Replied to thread: Rate this Ui (Winforms)

nice color scheme but the layout, the size, almost everything about this is off. 1.3/10

Replied to thread: Ubuntu or Windows?

manjaro or if you're a big geek then gentoo. for gaming probably pop_os or ubuntu.

Replied to thread: richtextbox monaco/fctb style indent?

i'll just use scintilla

Replied to thread: richtextbox monaco/fctb style indent?

fctb = bad font and i don't know how to customize it
monaco and ace = won't load

Replied to thread: [Question] What UI framework is better to use in WinForms?

bunifu for more modern uis