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Replied to thread: [SIDE RELEASE] Slapples Serverhop Farm for Slap Battles!

but where is the autoexcu folder ? 

Replied to thread: [Release] Fly Race noob farm

great, but mine got under the landing zone a couple times

Replied to thread: how to stop roblox kicking me for unexpected client after i attach jjslopit

so this the 4th time jjsploit got fixed in a row since the first time this issue starts (from start of November I think)
3 times got very fast, the 4th time we had to wait from 17 -> 28 (a long one). I guess the devs tried to fixed it once and for all but... still didn't go well. 
I got the same issue, but if anyone hasn't pls comment

Replied to thread: When you think unexpected client error is fixed because jj got a new update😲

JJsploit updates*
Roblox updates as well*

Replied to thread: i swear to god for this ERROR 268 THING

yea... After fixing JJsploit for 3 times, once per 6 days. It's still broken, can't play :(
Each time fixing did extend the playtime though, hope next time will be the last time 

Replied to thread: been kicked due to an unexpected client behaviour

Roblox just kicked u out for a while, just reinstall and wait  sometime. You will be able to play again
About the 'unexpected client thing' its JJsploit problem recently due to a patch. This usually happens after being patched and the devs are always working on how to make it less detectable.
What can I say ? Welcome to JJsploit

Replied to thread: HOW TO FIX JJSploit not working

yep, it just... stays there. I have the same issue and I didn't see any update from roblox ( I could miss it)
Well the best option right now is to wait for the devs to fix it


Replied to thread: Krnl Exploit

uhhh make sure u use the offical one and don't follow any online scam like free robux or such. Guess u have to make a new acc then, u will get used to it soon

Replied to thread: unexpected client behaviour

What executor can I use then ? I tried to use Kiwi X and Kiwi V2, didn't work.

Replied to thread: Error 268 "Kicked due to unexpected client behavior"

Roblox patched this, currently players will get detected after a few mins using JJsploit. Things will work as soon as we have a better 'injector'.

Created a new thread: unexpected client behaviour

my game can't last for 5 mins when I inject in. I was just using normal TP and ESP and got kicked after around few mins. Just to be clear, it's not because the kick appears late, I played my game like 15 mins before injecting so Roblox must have improve their dectector. JJsploit needs update to bypass this.


Created a new thread: back to unsupported version

So everyone has been talking about the .dll missing, but now the unsupported version is back (or it is only me ?). Didn't see anyone say about this for a while.

Replied to thread: JJsploit Cant Find VMprotectSDK32.dll

so I've read ur guys suggestions but I can't find the location, I have many folders somehow like JJSploitJJS-UI, Js, and few others. I put the VMProtectSDK32.dll (did extract) in all folders and didn't work. I guess I can only hope the devs will fix the issue by adding the missing, 

Created a new thread: Seeking for [SCP: The Red Lake] scripts

well, I'm looking for a head hitbox expander and monster ESP. Theres one for body expander but the dmg is too low, add more features if possible thx.

Replied to thread: Error 268 "Kicked due to unexpected client behaviour"

@shaks8 that's what you assume, it works for me all the time. I've even made a thread about this error before, unfortunately it didn't work for u then I can't help.