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I like exploiting :)

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Replied to thread: [RELEASE] SIRHURT: SirHurt's perm work-around for the Beta ROBLOX client

Mmmm nevermind

I'm going to try this out

Replied to thread: Does anyone know how to use the evon api?

one of the most popular roblox exploiting youtuber @Aja

Replied to thread: Does anyone know how to use the evon api?

@Aja i think its the exploit sakpot owns

Replied to thread: This exploit is disabled while a critical ACE/RCE vuln is fixed. Please try again later

By trying again later 


Replied to thread: What is browser fingerprint?

@Aja a lot

and the more unique your browser fingerprint is, the easier you are to track


Replied to thread: What is browser fingerprint?

browser fingerprint depends on what browser you use, extensions you use, your display, version, os, languange, timezone etc

its not a random id

its a bunch of info about your browser you can see yours here https://www.amiunique.org/fp

Replied to thread: how can i run synapse x scripts?

Iris made very cool script




Execute it before executing whatever script that is syn only

Not guaranteed to work

Replied to thread: [Release] SciHun Executor

massive H /caaaaars

Replied to thread: Hello! Read this if you're having a bad day.

I can conclude this post is very h.

(every day is a bad day now)

Replied to thread: i deleted the archive folder in roblox

what is the archives folder

Replied to thread: [APOLOGY] I'm sorry.

@YeemiRouth whats da funni joke

Replied to thread: Vizzy PCs - Good Value PCs

You did wha-

i am going to assume jjsploit is preinstalled on those pcs?

Replied to thread: Loadstringer [v2] Website/No Logins/Free/Convenient

Omg it is so usefuL, vOuch

(pls give me back my family)

Replied to thread: WeAreDying

this is my first time seeing u on this forum sooooooo

anyways hi c:


i am very active (real)

Replied to thread: [Important] New Discord Scam Bot

Eh, many bots like this out there. Some offer free server boosts. Like, who is braindead enough to fall for that