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Replied to thread: PLEASE HELP, i have jjsploit error

but i deleted my antivirus a months ago :(

Created a new thread: PLEASE HELP, i have jjsploit error

whenever i open jjsploit, this message appears:


-Uncaugh exception:

Error: cannot find module "./x86_dllinjector

Rquire stack:

- C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Programs\jjsploit\resources\dllijector\index.js

- C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Programs\jjsploit\resources\app.asar\build\eipc\attach.js

- C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Programs\jjsploit\resources\app.asar\build\eipc\index.js

- C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Programs\jjsploit\resources\app.asar\build\electron.js


what i can do :(

Created a new thread: How do i fix this error?

i tried reinstalling, waiting an update, i have disabled windows defender, idk what to do now

uncaught exception

error: cannot find module "./x86_dllinjector


and a list that says this files cannot be find: index.js, attach.js, build/eipc/index.js, electron.js