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Created a new thread: Module 1 not found in JJSploit

whenever i try to inject with jjsploit it says that module 1 was not found
how do i fix this?

Replied to thread: *NEW FIX* Unsupported version/Roblox Crashing at Injection

it actually helped thanks alot :)

Replied to thread: You are running an unsupported version of Roblox

yeah lol im having the very same issue

Created a new thread: invisible fling is broken

when you try to fling a person, you get flung along with that person

Created a new thread: JavaScript error

So after I came back from holidays, I tried to open JJSploit today, but then came out an error saying "A JavaScript error occured in the main process", and also saying that they can't find a module called './x86_dllinjector'.
I re-installed JJSploit several times and even turned off firewalls and anti-viruses too, but there still was this error whenever I tried to run it. I question myself why I can't do nothing about it and I just think it's because i've updated my PC.
Is there anything I should do?