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Replied to thread: roblox beta app

@anexploiterlol Ok since the new roblox update we cant downgrade anymore, there is a way but its complicated I suggest you watch kreekcraft's video on how

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Replied to thread: roblox beta app

Dont use roblox beta app. to downgrade go to your settings

Replied to thread: krnl is a virus

@amogussuslolidk bro..... we've never got viruses, ill give u an advice, dont click on ads on exploit sites. Hopefuly you got the virus from ads

Replied to thread: SOMEONE HELP!

No, ask ur dad to allow it

Replied to thread: JJsploit/infjump broke my driver

Wtf? trash drivers?

Replied to thread: KittenMilk ANDROID Luau Executor (FREE)

Make dogmilk 😎

Replied to thread: [JUST RATE] WinForms UI






looks like dog crap

Replied to thread: Coco Z not launching

1st get better 2nd reinstall 3rd remove antivirus

Replied to thread: Cannot use fly when being teleported to different part of same game

Just dont use a built-in fly by ur executer, use infinite yield bruh

Replied to thread: is proxo still safe

i ting it sayf buut yu ken tri it

Replied to thread: JJsploit wont work.

Just reinstall jjsploit

Replied to thread: JJsploit API doesnt attach

Try reinstalling jjsploit, turning off active antivirus' or try another game

Replied to thread: I can't lauch krnl

hmmm idk maybe you dont have windows 8.1 or windows 10. Im not quite sure, ask the bazooKarnl support team

Created a new thread: HIRING UI MAKERS!

Hello, we currently hiring a UI maker. zephire will be the name of the exploit. We will pay good money 2000 robux or $25 paypal 

Message me in discord if you are interested, send me your past projects first



discord: dve#9143