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Replied to thread: rice's community discord server

will do rice man

Replied to thread: If the Anticheat comes out perfectly, where should we go?

we should all move onto plants vs zombies 2

Replied to thread: Fluxus Installation Fail

step 1: dont use fluxus

step 2: profit

Replied to thread: [Question] What editor should I pick for my WPF Exec?

ace need i say more

Replied to thread: [ROBLOX] Anti-Cheat

im going to be so sad when game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 500505 wont work

Replied to thread: [RATE] ATONIX V1.6 UI!

if you get good at winforms this will eventually look good



Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Why do apisploits have a keysystem

work for someone to make a ui for them instead of keying your apisploits

Replied to thread: whats the best ui you have ever seen?



this is the best one ive seen so far

Replied to thread: [REL] Roblox cursor and face changer

ok virt










vouch goofyu

Replied to thread: Roblox AntiCheat wont affect exploits?

its like how doctor strange tries to find a universe where roblox doesnt make a trash decision but instead of finding one, he finds none

Replied to thread: What are you working on atm?

misako & wally hub hehehheheheeh

Replied to thread: CRACK-ME with CASHPRIZE of $120

pov malware

Replied to thread: MM2 Script StarHub

@FraudCaller bro you are the dumbest human that i might've encountered on here