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Replied to thread: {SERVICE} WPF UI making (Free)

they all look the same



Replied to thread: Looking for a 3rd person aimbot with an offset



has offsets

Replied to thread: Anyone have any spare synapse x key?



first person to use it claims it

Replied to thread: Looking for a free aimbot that works for 3rd person

use celestial nick is very cool dev

Replied to thread: stop releasing apisploits

as if people havent said that lol

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] C++ API DLL TUTORIAL!

i remeber spanksterria's tutorial on a level 7 dll


(cough basically a tutorial on how to paste from calamari cough)

Replied to thread: What open-sourced projects would you like to see?

headhunter remastered :)

Replied to thread: [CW] Amaterasu | Scamming, Paedophilia & Doxxing

Damn, amaterasu hub is a big hub and i think they have a yt channel as well. thanks for the info tho

Replied to thread: Anime Hub 6 Games

who is launch

Replied to thread: Tell about your First Exploit you used.

As much as it pains me to say this.


Proxo. Used it for farming on JB.

Replied to thread: [RATE THIS] rate this ui for Atonix

@bennytrt because it's repetitive BS

Replied to thread: [RATE THIS] rate this ui for Atonix

Stop. Do not post images of "UI's" that make people want to jump off a cliff.

Replied to thread: Custom methods using getgenv

just make a function for kill???

Replied to thread: [req] network ownership bypass



Content length must be 10-5000 chars

Replied to thread: Pls reccommend game for me to make script.

here game




most of everything in there is server sided i doubt you'll be able to make anything good, but its a real good challange