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Hi I'm Joe and I love to code I guess.



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Replied to thread: [CW] Strejda Banan, Certified Banan, SB, Toxic And a Skid.

I only cared about the skidding part.

Replied to thread: [IDEA] Community Ran Script-Hub

get out of here flinnyd

Replied to thread: [3 API SUPPORT] [THEMES] [UPDATE] ezSploit V3

setfpscap is on wrd to

Replied to thread: [REQ] One time purchase script security

@Whoman fingerprint

Replied to thread: ninhon problems

try a diffrent executor then.

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Should I Hop Back In

I agree youtube is getting worse over the years due to restrictions yk but now its kinda settling down ig but not really.

Replied to thread: Reason's To Use Nihon.


Replied to thread: How Do I Use Synapse X DLL/API

sxlib thats literally it

Replied to thread: Mr. Lolegic, (Imcompetent, Egotistical, Etc)

Real discord mod getting mad!!

Reminds me of comet incident. 

Replied to thread: Auto Executing

just locate the jjsploit folder and pretty sure it's in there

Replied to thread: Make A Full Lua Executor

what year have you been living in?

Replied to thread: Who would I hire for a Exploit DLL

try getting 400-450 and you could hire either showerhead or idev I'm pretty sure.

(idk their DLL prices but just know if you're buying the DLL it's gonna be monthly)

Replied to thread: General game hacking section.

@Hiroku I 100% vouch this idea

Replied to thread: Rate my login ui

It's alright but looks like its winforms.

Replied to thread: General game hacking section.

I was watching Tom Scott and all of a sudden a guy puts a gun to the back of my head saying "Respond to this thread or I will make you kiss James Charles" now normally I wouldn't reply to this thread but seeing as the man was desperate to get this suggestion out I decided to take time out of my day to reply so please add this.