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@Luau The forums are anti toxic please be careful

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@Luau 1000%

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I've already made a thread about this (Also the DEX's on synapse/krnl work)

Replied to thread: It says Error Exploit broke due to the games weekly update.

It'll be fixed within a few hours from now

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@AlexSyndrome This infact does work and is so far the best dex explorer I've ever seen

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@Whoman already said it works

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@SirWeeb wearedevs to good

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On this note sirweeb gave me a working dex


List of working dex explorer's




loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Created a new thread: Dark Dex Broken

Its been like this for around 2 days on multiple executors

Any reasons to why?


When you try click on something in the explorer it wont select but other then that it works flawlessly

Best I can do is click on an object in the workspace but I mostly use it for easy access to scripts so its become pretty useless

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10/10 instantly got maidens vounch

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I don't think I'll use this but vouch for the contribution.

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oh no he has my ip in it 😨

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why does it say expoiter instead of exploiter

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I really badly want to make a joke right now