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learning scripter

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wants a crasher script for a specific game, doesnt tell us that game

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actually got 2 more


"matty324 explaining "thecoolman" is not his alt and pretends its his friend"


"Void_Scripter explaining void hub isnt skidded"

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even tho you've started to run out of ideas, its still pretty great


got a quote for you


"mfs making request threads in scripting category for a sh!t game"

Replied to thread: Thank you, and goodbye.

it feels like a lot of active users here are starting to leave, and moon was prob the greatest mod here



gl in the future moon, maybe you can be an astronaut and fly to the moon in the future! (wow my jokes are sh!t)

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@DeepPain f*ck you mean bro crazy cat was always great

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this is all so great and so true, if you decide to do another one add some quote of me in it


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@AlternateD what in the living sh!t have you made


also not hiring anyone anymore, already made the logo myself (unless anyone thinks they can make something thats better then mine)

Replied to thread: Can Someone Make me a working pet simulator 2 script/gui Please Im new to exploiting

theres already wayyyyyyyyyyy too much pet sim x scripts out there.


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@ImmuneLion318 when did I say projects cant be good without a team? I work on rogue hub all by myself

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kinda feel the same as you, I think I might leave WRD and move to something else, something bigger like v3rmillion.


ill prob take a break from exploiting as well wait for actual good games to drop on roblox, of course I cant leave exploiting forever, I still have rogue hub under my belt.

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@ImmuneLion318 google's second definition for team, "A group organized for work or activity." projects usually turn out better or are able to be released quicker with a good team. its like saying "why is there a team that work on krnl? it could just be made only by ice bear" which then krnl couldnt possibly be as good without the other developers.

Created a new thread: [SCRIPT] VERTIGO Mini GUI

this game hasnt really had scripts for it, thought I'd step in :)


dont really have much to say, just execute and enjoy





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@GoldenCheats who tf is fates? infinite yield #1

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@N4ri fair enough