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Sorry, let me rephrase that. The method of sending requests/pinging a Replit every so often no longer works tmk.

I tried it multiple times, and even though I could see the request on Replit from UptimeRobot (I also tried various other pingers) it didn't keep the Replit online any of the times.


EDIT: Although if it did work, it would be funny to make two Replits ping each other so they are reliant on each other.

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Replit is not free hosting? The UptimeRobot method doesn't work anymore tmk.

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Actually was updated a few months ago I believe


I think it got discontinued and then like 6 months ago recontinued, that's when they released V2 so it's not too outdated.

I just got into and I really like it actually, it's really great, not bad at all. Plus, you can also use stuff like Pycord which are more updated.


But I do agree about the docs, I don't like those.

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please no, just no

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I didn't start out as a skid because I actually had a bit of previous C# knowledge before I started making exploits, so when I did start I had an advantage of partially knowing what I was doing and being able to avoid pasting code. Newcomers to the community tend to not have any prior C# knowledge so their first exploit is almost always a jumble of pasted code since they have no idea what they're doing, then they either give up and leave the community right away or stay and actually learn.


Apparently everyone skids at some point though and I know for a fact certain people think I have.


I have only pasted StackOverflow code though.

and maybe 6.9 lines of GitHub code

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Yeah, pair it with a system that detects which APIs/Exploits are updated and it could be a really good bot.

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"Mommmm, he neg repped me on WRD ground him!"

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Who is your brother again?

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You should try ROBLOX

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Yes, sorry I was confused lol.

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I don't really know what to comment here except for it doesn't seem like you know what you're doing... you just decompiled the API, congratulations.


(Edited my old response)

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I don't like V3RM either

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sir, this is a microsoft tech support center

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I can confirm that h

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Well I'm still waiting for the next episode


Where we figure out what happens to Vector