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What executor are you using?

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wow looks suprisingly good


if it's skidded you smell if not nice job


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my exuterses vere stong 1 1 ! 1


vawch ver goo|d lua|

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Content length must be 10-5000 chars

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Kinda useless ngl if you can manage to gather half a chomosome you can probably figure it out yourself

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I accpet your apologie

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The above code isn't bloated enough.


local ID = game.PlaceId
print("Your ID: "..tostring(ID))


Ahhh much better

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can you teach me how to recreate the entire curl lib

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This is very minimalistic not as small as I could do, Vouch!

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I think that print is actually 0x805830 🤓

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probably outdated or you're just slow mentally and physically

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they increased update speed?

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hey but you see this isn't my fault it's actually HEY LOOK A BIG PLANE *runs*


I'll try update it but I don't know why I got the wrong one

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yw :D