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Hi, Im an Exploit Developer.

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Created a new thread: [Request] Move While your in pause menu in roblox? Script?

Is There a way to move while in the roblox pause menu like in a script, or something?

Created a new thread: Minerscraft Scripts (Kill Aura & Universal FPS Boost, etc..)

Hello, from those who we're always killed by random players in this game, use these scripts against them, If you do not know what im referencing it is this game.










Xray: (Very Sh*t, Only shows Coal Ores | Please Improve / Fix it please)






Also Please Note: You need to insert a Password Before Accessing the Pastebin just beside the Pastebin link, And If you want to recommend a script, just reply to this thread.



Replied to thread: Improve and Optimize WRD API

Nope, it doesn't use the same api, JJSploits API is called "exploit-main.dll" and you can't add this dll in your own executor, saying it can't use it, if it were the same, it would be easier to add JJSploit's "exploit-main.dll" to be added in your own Executor, Try to add exploit-main.dll in reference it will make an error saying: 


Microsoft Visual Studio


A reference to

'C:\Users\[Username]\Downloads\exploit-main.dll' could not be added

it is a valid assembly or COM component.


And a WRD-API Command Promnt Panel will pop-up.

Replied to thread: Improve and Optimize WRD API

I meant if you make your own executor and use the WRD API it would be slower than JJSploit's Injection time. 

Created a new thread: Improve and Optimize WRD API

The API inject's more faster in JJSploit, but if you inject it in C# it's less faster than JJSploit's Injection. 

Replied to thread: How to make input that can be inputed as a script.

The [MusicInput.Text] contains the roblox asset id, when the user input's the asset id in the TextBox it's string is [MusicInput.Text] in C#, and I need to somehow put [MusicInput.Text] (Asset Id from the Textbox in C#) in the lua code.

Replied to thread: How to make input that can be inputed as a script.

Wait.. what about inputing the string into another string? like how do I make the Input [MusicInput.Text] into the lua code while still making it have sentences, so it can be outputed correctly.

Replied to thread: nice wery simple exploit ui

The Simplicity is nice, it's just the title/executor name that needs some work and the buttons don't work yet, but the UI is very great.

Created a new thread: How to make input that can be inputed as a script.

How to make input that can be inputed as a script, because i was making a PlayerMusic Script, But it din't work, I wonder if there is any other way of making it output like this and for it to be executed as a lua script in WRD API. 

Instance.new('Sound', script)
sound = script.Sound

This is the Code that I use in C# that din't work.

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using WeAreDevs_API;

namespace DynamicClient.GameClient.Extras
    public partial class PlayerMusic : Form
        readonly ExploitAPI api = new ExploitAPI();
        public PlayerMusic()
        private void label3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string MusicID = "sound.SoundId = rbxassetid://" + (MusicInput.Text);
            string ScriptLine1 = "Instance.new('Sound', script)";
            string ScriptLine2 = "sound = script.Sound";
            string ScriptLine3 = "sound:Play()";
            string ScriptLine4 = "wait(sound.TimeLength)";
            string ScriptLine5 = "end";

            api.SendLuaScript(ScriptLine1 + Environment.NewLine + ScriptLine2 + Environment.NewLine + MusicID + Environme

Replied to thread: What does [api.IsUpdated] do?

What does it output? 

Replied to thread: What does [api.IsUpdated] do?

But how do you use it? 

Created a new thread: What does [api.IsUpdated] do?

I don't know how to use api.IsUpdated, It isn't found in the documentation and well.. I don't know how to use this, so anyone know how to use it?

Created a new thread: How to Make an AutoUpdater for WRD API, Cuz I don't know.

I am creating a roblox exploit that uses WRD API, But because every Thursday/Friday Roblox Updates, and when that happends the normal api.LaunchExploit(); will most likely not work, and to fix this is to replace the old WeAreDevs_API.dll with the new updated one in the website, which sucks, Because I Can't Just make a button that re-downloads the api, because im not sure if the url of the WRD API is still the same dll or the updated one.