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Created a new thread: {kinda cw} cp and p3d0's

morque raided a underage cp seller's discord server and they said "you really have nothing better to do?" like bro ur literally selling illegal "stuff"..

StripWeathers42#9401 is a how do i say this? a p3do watch out for him

i dont know what he did but ig u could ask morque

morque's server

ok ima go back to the death now bye

may god bless u ❤❤❤

Created a new thread: im leaving wrd for a while or forever

hello everyone. im here to announce im going away from exploiting

i might come back soon or later maybe never

why? because i need to focus on my mental health since its going backwards rapidly

why is this script related? 


it involves my script sharing server being inactive i maybe delete it maybe i dont

i also quit roblox with exploiting i may comeback but i dont know yet

i wish yall luck in life and god bless you ❤

Replied to thread: hello thank u but...

@SirWeeb thx bro i wish the same to u too


Replied to thread: hello thank u but...

Replied to thread: hello thank u but...

@DadComeBack what do you mean i cant understand  you sorry 

Replied to thread: hello thank u but...

@0x777_ im a unkown depressed  guy Who tries to socialize with People on the internet

Created a new thread: hello thank u but...

hi im happy i have 10k views on my pastebin but im thinking of quitting for quite a while but never did if u want more info on it pm me comment on this post or join my server 
i might come back i dont know yet maybe i wont leave but im still thinking about it

Replied to thread: help me get info for my python project pls

@Aja what do u mean 


Created a new thread: help me get info for my python project pls

so i was asking sirweeb who the worst person on wrd was and he said that one cat guy but it isnt crazy cat 

so i asked if he mean aja 

but it isnt him/her either

can someone help me figure out who that one cat guy is (or who he meant by it)
i am making a trivia in python with alot of wrd questions in it and i want it done by next week so i could release it on github
so far i got nam3 and that void scripter guy (idk why i added him so dont hate me for it and void if u can read for once i dont want to hurt u )

thanks in advance - bennytrt python learner
and professional idiot and beat maker (not profesional)

Replied to thread: what should i do huh

@Aja  thanks for the suggestion 

this could be posible to do lol 

and maybe when im done ill send it over :troll:

Replied to thread: what should i do huh

@RealNickk yeah i think ill try that 

thanks for youre suggestion :D

Replied to thread: Void Z (Keyless Free Executor)

@Whoman i was thinking the same (and vega x sucks more than krnl (yes i got opinions to LMAO) )

Created a new thread: what should i do huh

ok so i recently bought a 39 euro fujitsu pc

these are the specs

Proccessor Intel Pentium E6600

Ram 2 gb's of ddr 3 ram (havent checked at wich mhz yet)
Grapics card (yes it has one) Nvidia Geforce 9300 GE (or a GS) 256MB (its more s### than a 210 according to techpowerup)
these are the grapics card specs 


Graphics chip











BUS WIDTH 64-bit

it runs of a hdd wich is at its last legs because its LOUD AF its a 250gb one i think
it runs win 10 32bit because u cant run 64-bit with 2 gigs of ram (and it isnt really recomended running win10 with a pentium i am talking out of experience) and the grapics card has hdmi (wow)

lmk what u should do with it!

Replied to thread: Update Alt Detection

@ThatPhoenix bruh mine was SUSposed to explode 7 days ago ;c (a yes mega vouch)

Replied to thread: 🌿 Grass Cutting Incremental 🌿 v0.2 script

@Nolix u know already :troll: