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Replied to thread: Zenexya Softworks is looking for developers!

Happy to be a part of the team!

Replied to thread: CloudForce is a Brand New Keyless Roblox Executor With Multi API Support

@RealChronics Even the Synapse UI is better and I don't see how that released.

Replied to thread: CloudForce is a Brand New Keyless Roblox Executor With Multi API Support

The UI looks like one of them indian android mod menus :skull:

Please improve and use something other than WeAreDevs API and EX.

Replied to thread: WBEBSITE IDEA (cool) website

Very cool website idea, I have thoughts on how this could be made :sunglasses:

Replied to thread: Rate my executor ui

great UI overall but I recommend adding a tab system and you really need to add a minimize and exit button, no one wants to have to exit manually.

Replied to thread: im leaving wrd for a while or forever

Sad to see you go, good luck out there.

Replied to thread: [CW] Bolts Hub logs your IP and is SKIDDED.

vouch, very nice cw

Replied to thread: [Small CW] Atari copying and pasting other people's videos

@AlternateD Thanks for the advice :)

Replied to thread: does anyone have a working roblox dump

IDA is slow asf for me ngl so I see where you're coming from but there aren't any free working dumpers, the only way to get one working is to make one from scratch or advance from Eyestep.

Replied to thread: get rid of all these bot threads.

Do moderators not already have the ability to remove threads?? I agree with the 20 day delay in other sections however they should be allowed to post something in the Disputes section if yk what I mean.

Replied to thread: (help) Please

You're asking this in the wrong section.

Replied to thread: [VectorX] Modern WPF UI for Rating


I think this is very kool ngl

Replied to thread: Where to start on making my own exploit api

step one...

skid axon

step two...

skid wrd api

step three...

pull a hexi and tell everyone that you're certainly not skidding, this way they won't have any suspicion of you skidding :troll:

step four...


Replied to thread: Price for DLL developer

@SeizureSalad I don't think it's worth buying a DLL from either of them as I'm sure I've talked to them once back when I was looking to buy a DLL and they said "source code isn't an option". Bruh I ain't paying that much for something they won't give me the source code to, sorry but naw. I'd rather learn to make a better one myself :Skull:


(no hate to them btw)

Replied to thread: NextWave - Web development

vouch, that kato website looks hot asf 🥵