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Cousin, where's barbara with the big titties and stephanie who sucks like a vacuum?


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Replied to thread: Ballistic - Server Change

@Jebxnt If it actually came to that, I don't really know what he'd do but it's best to report actions if yk what I mean

Replied to thread: Ballistic - Server Change

@bennytrt I will email Jon and report his actions

Replied to thread: Ballistic - Server Change

@RealNickk Fr, I really didn't want it to go this way - there might be uh some more news coming soon about the situation as far as I'm aware

Replied to thread: Ballistic - Server Change

@bennytrt Nope, that'll be abusing mod powers and I will just repost if he tries that

Created a new thread: Ballistic - Server Change

Ballistic is moving server due to some recent drama regarding SirWeeb which you can view here:

I've asked him to give me ownership of this server, pinged him twice whilst he was online and he's completely ignored me.

He was online whilst I sent it, take a look at the times.


SirWeeb was probably one of the best people in this community imo, it's just his girlfriend that ruined him. His girlfriend (yeemi) is a paedophile, despite her past - SirWeeb continues to defend her and ban anyone which says anything about the matter in his server. Those of which include 2 highly trusted staff members which worked their way up hard for their ranks, only to lose it for SirWeeb's immaturity. I have recently contacted Yeemi's mother about some things regarding her daughter in hopes to stop it from possibly happening again.


You can join the discord server here 👉


Don't start an argument on this thread, if you really want to - you can come to my DMs any time you like and we can discuss it further.

Replied to thread: [REL] WRD FISH Theme

I'm gonna use this theme from now on :sunglasses:


EDIT: it just took 69$ out off my paypal, don't use :troll:

Replied to thread: How to add an image into my GUI....

Create an ImageLabel

Replied to thread: [CW - Short version] SirWeeb and his gf: hypocrisy, role abuse and awful behaviour both in and outside Novaline

Whenever I asked him about yeemi, he'd ask me not to talk about her and would change the subject - he's been a really good friend to me and I can't say anything bad about him. Yeemi does "using namespace std;" which I personally think is a stupid thing to do - I've seen what she's said to mark, I've talked to him and another person about it and it's basically bullying. It's like alienation but abusing your relationship to make him turn on one of the only guys that were decent to him. My view on SirWeeb hasn't changed - never will, I don't think.


Even after reading this CW, I can still say that he's one of the nicest people in this community from my perspective - to me atleast. Unfortunate to hear what happened here, I'll be taking a look at the longer version once it's published.

Replied to thread: online time

hello there, fellow bot, how many you do

Replied to thread: Some questions

Probably everyone on this forum has no clue who you are, if you are actually an OG - there's a chance that Jon will remember you but I doubt it.

Maybe the scripts that you're using are patched :skull:

Same thing with executors, just buy Synapse - use Novaline or Nihon if you can't afford it :thumbs_up:

Created a new thread: Snapchat on PC

The title of this thread really sounds like something a bot would post 💀

Anyway, there are a lot of users on this forum that use Snapchat so I'm here to inform the majority of you which haven't heard of the new addition yet.

Snapchat is now available on PC (web browsers to be specific) and there's some funny things you can do...

I mean, it looks pretty good imo


Normally when you catfish or troll someone on an alt account, they expect you to send them a snap instead of an image from your camera roll which isn't possible on mobile - I've come across something funny which now allows you to do this.

The way to do this is by installing OBS Studio, then once the installation is complete - you may/may not need to restart your PC for the camera changes to take effect.

When the camera preview is open, locate the 3 dots and you'll be able to choose which camera you want to use.

Select "OBS Virtual Camera" and you can pull the same trick that the average omegle user would back in the day 🤣


This isn't all, I've done some tests with one of my friends and you can screenshot without alerting people. I've only tested this with Windows' default screenshot tool - I don't know if tools like ShareX will create an alert, but yeah 😏

Replied to thread: Thoughts on Intel Arc A770?

Looks pretty good :sunglasses:

Replied to thread: I love my girlfriend, you should love yours too

nice to see that you're doing well with your gf :)


Here's the story of my most recent ex

She asked me to help her break up with her boyfriend, because he was acting like Cipher (someone I CWd)

So I helped her, everything went to plan and we got close

We started dating around a week later, I gave her everything she wanted including £30 worth of nitro

At first, her ex bf was threatening to leak her nudes but he didn't do it

So we were dating for nearly 2 months, she breaks up with me for not texting her so much - even tho i texted her more than my friends I made her promise me that she wouldn't date her ex and she said she wouldn't

She hid it from me that they were dating, one of my friends told me they were dating and I blocked her on all socials

I hate betrayal, got into a habit a few months ago of making sure I had a counter if someone betrayed me because a lot of sh*t went on last year that broke me lmao